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Five Steps for Turning Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

Let’s dive into one of the most crucial topics for any business, which is turning your website visitors into actual paying customers. 

Watch the video below or keep reading to discover the five steps:

Step 1. Know Your Visitors Better Than They Know Themselves

Imagine that you’re having a heart to heart conversation with everyone that lands on your page.

What is the conversation that’s already taking place inside their head? What are their challenges?

Understanding your audience as if they are your best friend allows you to succeed with the next step, which is creating a bold but simple message that stops the scroll.


Step 2. Use an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Communicate the right message within seconds. 

Grab their attention right away, speak to their primary pain point, and use the same language they use.


Step 3. Give Before You Get

Offer a free lead magnet that adds real value to your audience – they can’t say no. Here are three top-performing suggestions for lead magnets that people love:

  • Mind map:  A mind map is a highly visual pdf that conveys a lot of information in an eye-catching way.
  • Free training: Offer a webinar or workshop that solves problems or challenges that people are struggling with. 
  • Quizzes: Ask a series of questions to diagnose and prescribe the best next step. You learn a lot about your customer while offering them a customized solution.

Once you’ve broken the ice and made that connection, you’ll want to nurture that new relationship.


Step 4. Build a Relationship With Email

Email continues to be an incredibly effective way to keep that conversation going:

Use your subscriber list to:

  • Deliver your best tips and tricks.
  • Send them to your latest blog post.
  • Invite them to a free training session.
  • Share helpful social media content. 


Step 5: Offer Them a Paid Solution to Their Problem

Package up your expertise into a group of products or services that’s so good, so irresistible, it’s impossible for people to say no to.

We recommend the In, Up, Max framework when choosing offers and price points. Here is an outline of this effective framework:

  1. “In” –  A low ticket offer that solves an urgent problem
  2. “Up” – This is a moderately priced product that anticipates the next problem and offers an upfront solution
  3. “Max” – A high ticket, exclusive experience that can’t be found elsewhere


Use AI to Complete the Five Steps in Less Time

The five steps include getting to know your audience, creating a targeted message, offering the perfect lead magnet, nurturing with emails, and finally, presenting an irresistible paid offer.

Until recently, each of these steps were time-consuming. But today we have the speed of AI to help complete these processes in record time. 

The result is more clients in less time.

If you’re interested in saving time while getting more clients, or even if you’re just a little bit curious, join us for the upcoming Get More Clients Faster Workshop. 

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