Success Stories

See how these business owners and entrepreneurs used the power of Quizzes to grow their digital businesses.


From No List to 5,118 Subscribers

Dr. Tangie Watkins

From No List & No Revenue to 5,118 Subscribers in a Month

Dr. Tangie Watkins helps high achievers align their goals with their soul so they can create a life that includes both success AND happiness. When she left her medical career to start her coaching business she had no list, no product, and no revenue. As she says “I was fueled by hope and all of my numbers were zero.”

  • She launched her “Success Alignment Quiz” and generated 5,118 Leads and $20,850!
  • Her Quiz is the perfect lead in to a 1:1 Sales Conversation
  • With all these high quality leads coming in, Dr Tangie is thrilled by the fact she’s ALREADY had SEVERAL 5-Figure Months in her Coaching Business
Almost Doubled Subscribers One Month

Neil Gordon

From Lyft Driver to 10K leads/Month

Neil Gordon went from being a ride-share driver for Lyft to using to build and launch his “Public Speaker Type” Quiz. Neil helps speakers, authors, and influencers transform their messaging.

  • It took Neil about 4 years to build an email list of 19,000 subscribers
  • Within ONE MONTH of launching his quiz, Neil got an additional 10,000 subscribers, bringing his list to 29,000!
  • With over 10k leads per month, Neil is making 6 figures in his digital business
110,908 QUIZ Takers

Carrie Green

110,908 People Took Her QUIZ and Her Business Is Now Growing Like CRAZY

Based in the UK, Carrie Green is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, which serves a 5,000+ community of women from all over the world. Carrie built her first quiz in 2018 to segment FEA’s audience and get a deeper understanding of her community in order to better serve them. To date, over 110,000 people have taken her quiz!

  • A 66% Conversion Rate: Two out of every three quiz takers join Carrie’s email list
  • Carrie’s quiz converts at only 80 CENTS per lead
  • FEA now boasts 5,000+ members paying the $47 monthly fee!
431 new customers in 3 Weeks

Michael Hyatt

Generated 12,190+ leads with his QUIZ

Michael Hyatt, principal of the performance marketing company Full Focus, was looking for a way to get more people to join his online membership, Platform University. He created a QUIZ Funnel in the enterprise-level software,, that took leads straight into a webinar.

  • Generated 12,195 leads and 431 new customers in 3 weeks
  • Platform University earns more than $2.5 million a year
  • All COLD leads resulted in a 93% optin rate
  • 25 times better results from QUIZZES than ANY of their other front-end marketing activities


From $0 to Thriving

Maeve Ferguson

New Mom of 2: From ZERO to a 6-Figure Coaching Business

Bootcamp Attended: Webinar Bootcamp

After years plugging away in the corporate world, Maeve started building her coaching business organically. After working with the ASK Method team to create her first QUIZ Funnel, she later used the ASK Method Webinar framework and redesigned her webinar format to include live weekly sessions.

  • Maeve is bringing in NEW leads every week
  • Her FIRST high ticket sale ($7,000) came in from the 3rd person to take her Quiz
  • In back-to-back weeks, Maeve had a 100% conversion rate from her webinar
1 Million Optins in Just 10 Days

Gaby González and Luis Flores

B2C Quiz: 1 Million Email Subscribers in 10 Days

Bootcamp Attended: QUIZ Funnel Bootcamp

Gaby González and Luis Flores grew their business by over 20X with their Spanish-language Quiz for parents: “Test Estilo Parental” (“Parental Style” Quiz), attracting more than 1 million optins in LESS than 10 days!

  • The Quiz helped Gaby and Luis acquire low-cost, targeted leads that became BUYERS!

  • At just $0.26 cents per lead, they were able to get a massive VOLUME of leads at an incredibly cheap price per lead

  • Off the back of their Quiz, Gaby and Luis got a 400% Return On Investment!
High Conversion Rate

Jo Formosa

Health Professional Changed the Game Using Online Assessments

Bootcamp Attended: Bootcamp on Bootcamps

Jo is a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner who partnered with Roger Hamilton of Wealth Dynamics to create the Health Dynamics personality test—the first and only test of its kind—which offers 80 unique profiles.

  • $50k in Sales from the first 60 people to take the test
  • She signed her first partner to her Licensed Partner Program – a high-5-figure sale!
  • Jo is following the ASK Success Path of Quiz to Webinar to Bootcamp and getting instant results ($15,000 from one Bootcamp!)
Freelancer to Successful Coach After Launch

Morgan MacDonald

High Conversion Rate After Launching Her Quiz

Bootcamp Attended: High-Ticket Bootcamp

Morgan MacDonald and her team at Paper Raven Books help authors write and publish their books. In addition to digital products and courses, Morgan offers a high-end $15,000 Coaching package she sells via Client Services QUIZ Funnel leading to a webinar and then application.

  • Morgan went from earning $30k per year as a freelancer to a highly profitable Coaching Business after launching her quiz
  • A COLD lead went from not knowing who Morgan was…to paying her $10K for her services
  • Her quiz is now bringing in a sustainable five-figures per month


10X’ed Business with QUIZ

Raffaele Dibennardo

Agency Owner Used Quizzes to 10X His Retainers

After losing 90% of his business when the pandemic hit, Raffaele used QUIZ Funnels to completely reinvent the services offered by his marketing agency based in Italy. In the process, he was able to 10X his retainers and have a breakthrough getting more leads and creating unprecedented results for his clients.

  • Raffaele has 10X’ed his agency’s retainers – $5k to $50K per client
  • He made $22K from one of his webinars to his highly qualified Quiz takers
  • With a QUIZ, he helped a client decrease Time to Purchase by 95% (from 2 Years to JUST 2 Weeks)
Successful Transition!

Jodi Daniels

B2B Quiz: From Zero to profitable Consulting Business

After 19 years working in the corporate world, Jodi made the leap to starting her own business in 2017 – Red Clover Advisors, a data privacy consultancy. Using the ASK Method and the power of a QUIZ Funnel, she’s been able to go from ZERO to a profitable business (and is on track to 2x this year!).

  • When Jodi set up her brand-new business, she started from nothing and now has a $1Million + turnover
  • Her QUIZ Funnel gives her a steady stream of qualified, segmented leads that she converts to high value clients
  • She recently made a $26,500 sale to a lead that had been on her list for 4 years
Featured in Forbes Magazine

Jamal Miller

Total Beginner to six-figure Entrepreneur with a QUIZ!

Jamal Miller was working a day job and trying to make his online business work. And the day his daughter was born, he enrolled in one of our programs. He built a QUIZ Funnel called the “Why Are You Still Single?” to enroll 800 people into his membership.

  • Generated 10,000 leads in LESS than 14 days!
  • Working a $17/HOUR DAY JOB to five-figures in RECURRING revenue!
  • Jamal was featured in Forbes magazine as a millennial making $500k in sales WITHOUT a business degree

Business Coaching

From Blogger to CEO of Successful Coaching Business

Dayna Abraham

From Blogging to Running a Financially Successful Parenting Coaching Business in 2 years

Parenting Coach goes from blogging to running a financially successful Parenting Coaching Business in less than 2 years. Dayna Abraham is a mom of three who has dedicated her life (and business) to supporting families with challenging children to help them build a strong foundation. What started with a parenting blog has grown into a highly successful coaching business.

  • Before her quiz, Dayna’s parenting blog was bringing in over $11k per year
  • It took Dayna 5 years to earn her first million for her parenting education business
  • Dayna earned over 7 figures by following the ASK Success Path step by step
33% Conversion From Webinar to Offer!

Greg Lee

Brick & Mortar Business Goes From Inconsistent Results to stabilized monthly income

Brick & mortar business goes from inconsistent results to running a stable and successful practice with an online funnel! Greg Lee is a NASA-engineer-turned-health-expert who has a brick and mortar clinic, Lyme Research & Healing Center, in Maryland. Over the past few years he’s taken that business online and is having massive success applying The ASK Method Success Path.

  • Greg grew his email list by 2,000 people in LESS than 3 months
  • Reaching doctors for LESS than $1.30 per lead
  • He’s getting 33% conversion on his webinars to his bootcamp!
1600% List Growth

Alisha Das

Spiritual Coach Transformed Her Life in 3 Months

Spiritual Coach transformed her life and business in 3 months. When Alisha Das started her business 20 years ago, spiritual counseling wasn’t a popular field. And although the 5,000 people on her email list were engaged, she couldn’t find a way to expand the size of her audience for years.

  • Using a QUIZ Funnel, Alisha grew her list from 5,000 to 85,000 people in LESS than a year
  • About 800 people attended two webinars and a live class of 200 participants, resulting in 5-figure revenue
  • 1600% list growth in 3 months
Sold First QUIZ for $10K

Adam Willingham

A Start-Up Consultant Makes His First 5-Figure Sale

Adam Willingham has built a successful business doing Quizzes for clients. Starting as a side hustle, the opportunity to do Quizzes for others gave Adam full-time employment and enabled him and his family the flexibility and opportunity to pursue their dream of traveling around the US for 2 years.

  • Adam sold his first QUIZ Funnel to a client for $10,000
  • One of the QUIZ Funnels Adam built increased his client’s subscriber rate by 23,000% (that is not a typo!) in only 6 weeks
  • He had a 69.8% conversion from Quiz to Lead Capture
From a Passion into a Thriving Business

Donna Schwartz

Former Teacher Tripled Her Income

With a background as an experienced saxophonist, music teacher, and former NYC social worker, Donna Schwartz, has used Quizzes to turn her passion into a thriving 6-figure online music education business.

  • Donna’s first weeklong webinar in 2 years made over $10,000 in sales
  • Her QUIZ Funnel helped her grow her email list from 1,600 to 25,000 people – that’s a 1462% growth!
  • Donna teaches saxophonists and other musicians via online courses, small group training, and 1:1 coaching