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The Critical First Step To High Ticket Sales

The best thing about high ticket offers is that you don’t need a huge audience – you just need the right audience.

And one of the biggest things that new coaches and consultants complain about is wasting time on free discovery calls with prospects who aren’t the right fit.

That’s why the critical first step, outlined in this blog post, is so important for conserving time and closing sales.


Ditch Your Buy Now Button. Use Apply Now Instead.

The goal is not to cast a wide net, but to connect with individuals who are perfectly positioned to benefit from your expertise.

Additionally, they must be willing and able to make that investment.

Application funnels are a key first step for identifying the people who are most likely to buy your high ticket offer.


The Psychology of Application Funnels

Instead of a straightforward “buy now” approach, an application funnel invites potential clients to apply for your program or service. 

This act of applying for an opportunity triggers a mental shift. People are reminded of what it feels like to apply for a job, college, or loan. 

There’s an implied sense of scarcity – a limited number of spots available.


Using Applications to Position Your Product

The beauty of the application process lies in its selectivity. By positioning your services as exclusive and not for everyone, you gain control over your clientele. 

This not only adds prestige, but allows you to set criteria. You’re just one person so you can’t work with everyone, right?

When you set up that application funnel, you’re letting people know how important it is to find that good fit. And it’s okay to say no to the people who aren’t ideal.

This positioning is particularly potent for high ticket offers as quantity takes a backseat to quality.


Consider Requiring an Application Fee

Introducing an application fee, even a refundable one, serves as a gatekeeper. It filters out casual inquiries and ensures that those applying are genuinely interested. 

This not only boosts the quality of leads but also contributes to a higher conversion rate during sales conversations. 

Application fees set a tone of seriousness and commitment, weeding out individuals who might not be a good fit.


Crafting Effective Application Questions

The success of an application funnel lies in the questions asked. software users have the benefit of a time-saving tool that makes it easy to ask the right questions and sort the applicants based on their answers.

Imagine asking a question related to income level, and you discover that the applicant isn’t quite ready to become one of your clients. can sort them into a bucket based on their readiness and recommend that they learn from your book instead, or take advantage of free resources on your blog.


Moving From Who to What

Creating an application process is a critical first step that leads to high ticket sales. 

When you replace “Buy Now” with “Apply Now” a psychological shift begins to take place in the mind of your customer. And you position yourself to attract high value clients looking to invest in the solutions you sell.

It’s the key to finding your Who.

The second step is finding your What –  creating products and services that people can’t resist.


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