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Ask This Question if You Want More Sales

Discover the one question that’s like striking gold in the world of market research. 

Put an end to the guesswork, and start creating products and services that your customers will instantly want to buy.

Keep reading or watch the video below to find out what it is:

The Question You Should Be Asking

When your customers answer the question below, you get a direct gateway into the minds of your audience:

“What’s the single biggest challenge that you’re struggling with right now?”

When you ask this question, your audience feels heard and understood. That’s a universal desire that everyone has – to feel seen, heard, and understood.

You open the door to being able to express empathy, and people will care about the fact that you have genuine concern for their struggles.

Let’s Look at An Example

A fitness consultant asked the question, “What is your biggest fitness challenge?”

And the responses revealed that lack of motivation is a recurring, overwhelming issue.

Now that the consultant has gained so much valuable insight, it becomes easy to connect and communicate with a message that is relevant to the clients’ needs.

Not only can the fitness consultant have a real conversation about the customer’s number one pain point, it’s now possible to build a marketing plan around that solution.

How You Can Start Applying This Technique

Understanding the natural consumer language that people are using allows you to stop worrying about crafting a catch phrase or clever slogan.

That’s because the perfect message doesn’t exist in your mind; it exists in the mind of your customer. And all you have to do to unlock that message is ask the right question.

Plus, you’ll be able to identify the gap in the market and know exactly what problems your potential customers are struggling to solve.


Uncovering your customers’ biggest frustration by asking the right, open-ended question makes it easy to create an irresistible offer and market it well.

The result is a time-saving strategy that boosts sales while earning more satisfied customers.


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