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How to Choose the Right Products or Programs to Sell

It can be a challenge to find the perfect mix of products or programs to sell in your business. But the “In, Up, Max” framework simplifies the process and helps you determine the ideal combination.

This framework considers factors such as pricing, target audience pain points, and the overall fit of the products. 

Let’s dive in and explore how you can implement this concept in your own business.


Understanding the “In, Up, Max” Model

The In, Up, Max model suggests that you should have three tiers of products or programs in your business. Each tier caters to a different need and addresses specific pain points of your target market. Here’s an overview of each tier:

  1. “In” – Urgent Problem Solving:

The “In” product is the entry point of your business. It should be a relatively low-priced product or program that provides a solution to an urgent pain point your audience is facing. 

This could be something they need immediate help with. 

Let’s use an example in the copywriting market – a suitable “In” product could be a “48-hour Flash Sale Email Template” that helps entrepreneurs create cash-generating emails quickly.

  1. “Up” – Future Problem Anticipation:

The “Up” product is the upsell that you offer after the initial purchase. It should be a higher-priced product or program that addresses a bigger, future problem that your customers are likely to encounter down the road. 

Sticking with the copywriting market example, an appropriate “Up” product could be a comprehensive guide on “How to Write a Ten Day Story-Based Sales Email Campaign” that teaches entrepreneurs how to use storytelling in longer email campaigns.

  1. “Max” – Exclusive Experience:

The “Max” product is the highest-priced program in your business and aims to deliver an exclusive experience or offer something unique that cannot be found elsewhere. 

This program should give customers a behind-the-scenes, hands-on experience. 

A compelling “Max” product could be an in-person workshop where entrepreneurs work directly with you to craft their sales emails, receiving personalized guidance and support.


Applying the In, Up, Max Model To Different Markets

By adapting the In, Up, Max model to your specific market, you can create a tailored approach that perfectly aligns with your audience’s needs and desires. 

Pay attention to who your audience is and what problems they are struggling with. When you identify those pain points you can offer real solutions at the perfect time.


Create Your Own Mix of In, Up, Max Irresistible Offers

Not long ago, The ASK Method students would manually analyze data from their ideal audience and have a brainstorming session that led to implementation of the In, Up, Max framework.

The process was highly effective, but very time consuming.

That’s why our team created a new software tool that does all the work with just a mouse click. It combines the time-tested principles of ASK with the power of AI.


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