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The Secret Quiz Questions That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Be Asking

When you understand what makes your customers tick, everything about your business becomes easier.

And the best way to understand what it is that gets customers to pull out their credit card and buy, is to ask them.

In today’s blog post, you’ll learn what questions to ask so that you can become more effective at taking people from prospect to paying customer. Keep reading or watch the clip below:

Ask the Right Types of Questions

If you ask the wrong questions in your survey or quiz, the reader will lose interest and click away. The goal is to create a series of micro-commitments that will turn strangers into leads while getting valuable information that helps your business grow.

You can maintain their focus and start building relationships when you use these 5 types of highly effective quiz questions:

1. Grease the Wheels Questions:

The first type of question you should ask in your quiz is what we call a “grease the wheels” question. This question serves as the ice-breaker, aiming to engage users and encourage them to answer the next questions. 

A grease the wheels question is simple, easy to answer, and non-threatening. It typically offers only two answer options, making it a binary choice. However, this should not be a yes or no question – you don’t want quiz takers to start off by answering no.

For instance, you could ask whether an audience of authors is interested in publishing a nonfiction or fiction book.

2. Diagnosis Questions:

Diagnosis questions help categorize quiz takers based on their responses. They determine which bucket or category individuals belong to at the end of the quiz. 

You can have a single diagnosis question or multiple questions leading to different directions. 

For example, a real estate company could ask prospects about their preferences regarding new home communities, allowing you to follow-up with the most relevant information.

3. Non-Diagnosis Questions:

Non-diagnosis questions serve a different purpose unrelated to putting prospects into specific buckets. These questions provide insights about your audience beyond segmentation.

It allows you to gather information for future purposes, such as refining what you offer or understanding demand. 

Examples of non-diagnosis questions could include demographic questions (age, income) or future demand questions (topics of interest for future products or services).

4. Story Arc Questions:

Story arc questions create a seamless flow within your quiz, enabling it to resemble a conversation rather than a series of random questions. These questions connect the dots and enhance engagement with the prospect. 

For example, you can ask questions related to price points or the current focus of their business. The answers will be helpful for you as you make business decisions, even if the answers do not directly determine their quiz results.

5. Lead Capture Questions:

The fortune is in the follow-up. That’s why it’s crucial to capture the leads’ contact information for future follow-up. 

Lead capture questions typically involve requesting the person’s email address, and optionally, their name and phone number. 

By asking for this information, you can stay in touch, nurture the leads, and increase the chances of converting them into clients.

Must-Follow Best Practices to Remember

Use these guidelines to gather meaningful information and develop relationships:

  • Ask 5-12 questions to strike a balance between getting sufficient information and maintaining user engagement.
  • Present one question per screen to create a conversational experience for your quiz takers.
  • Be flexible and open to modifying and refining your questions as you iterate and fine-tune the quiz over time.
  • Remember that creating the perfect lead-generating quiz is an ongoing process, and your first attempt may not be the last. Embrace the creative journey to achieve meaningful results for your business.


The key to making more sales is to understand who it is you’re selling to. By using the right mix of questions, you can create an engaging experience that helps move your business forward. 

Take what you’ve learned here to discover the power of quizzes and watch your business thrive.


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