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Low Budget, Low Effort, High Impact Ways to Stand Out

You’re going to be surprised when you read this, but it’s true…

The secret to standing out is blending in. This may seem unexpected, but it’s based on timeless direct response principles. 

The goal is to make your posts and ads look like a natural part of the user’s online experience. 

It should feel like organic, online content. Basically, you want to slide under the radar.

Let’s dive in and explore a few techniques that you can start using right away to stand out online.


The Notebook Technique 

Use the notebook technique as a creative method to present your copy in such a way that it drives curiosity and pulls people in. 

Take an important phrase or sentence and write it out by hand in a good old fashioned notebook. Then, take a photo of it. That becomes the copy.

The example below is an example of a post that naturally stands out with no ad spend behind it:


The Cute and Cuddly Technique

This is an old favorite. Don’t be afraid to use it because there’s a reason why it works. 

To deploy this strategy, use something cute and cuddly to get people’s attention before making that new connection.

Get a little bit creative to tie the image and your message together. This isn’t the time to go for overproduced stock photos. Instead, choose an image that looks like something that a friend would post.

Below is a great example:


The Vintage Photo Technique

This tactic helps tap into a sense of nostalgia. The user starts to reminisce, diving back into a different time period.

It’s emotional – and that makes people stop, pay attention, and want to learn more.

Examples like the one below don’t use filters. They’re real and undoctored. 

The stereo, flat top hair, and tucked in shirt are authentic elements that represent real life. 


You’re Getting Noticed. Now What?

Standing out online doesn’t require a hefty budget or hours of work. 

By blending in and making your content feel like a natural part of the user’s online experience, your business will start getting noticed. 

That’s when it’s time to jot down an effective plan for turning your new audience into paying customers so that your business can thrive.

This requires presenting your perfect audience with the perfect offer that will solve their problems and make them glad they found you.

You’re free to start that process on your own, using your own expertise and experience to determine what people want to buy, how to package up your knowledge, and write a message that resonates with customers.

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