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How to Find People to Buy Your Product

Have you built a product that your existing customers love, but struggle to attract new buyers? 

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in similar situations – they have a great product but struggle to find the right market for it. 

Here at The ASK Method, we call this the “If you build it, they will come” mistake. The reality is, you want to start with your market and what your market wants.


Begin With Your Audience, Not Your Product

To overcome the challenge of attracting new customers, it’s crucial to shift your mindset. 

Instead of focusing solely on your product, start by understanding your market and what they want. 

The most successful companies, like Facebook, Google, and Apple, didn’t invent entirely new products; they identified existing market demands and delivered customer-centered solutions. 


Leverage Existing Client Feedback to Understand What People Want

To find your target market, take a deep dive into your existing customer base

Reach out to them and gather information about their experience with your product. Ask them how they discovered it and what led them to make a purchase. 

This feedback will provide crucial insights and help you attract similar customers. By identifying patterns and common triggers, you can then replicate your success with a wider audience.


Pivot for Success: Adapt and Refine Your Approach

Based on the feedback and insights from your existing customers, it may be time to pivot. Even minor changes in the structure of your offer and your advertising message can make a big difference.

Analyze the data to identify trends, preferences, and channels that have successfully attracted your current customers. 

This knowledge will help refine your marketing approach and target potential buyers more effectively. 

By aligning your messaging, positioning, and advertising efforts with what resonates best with your existing customers, you can attract new ones who share similar characteristics.


Redesign Your Offer Based On What People Want to Buy

Let’s look at an example…

Imagine discovering the thing your current customers love most about your current product is a bonus pack of templates that has saved them hours of work.

Lean into that benefit and give it a more noticeable position in your marketing message. 

In fact, you may discover that lack of time is the biggest problem facing your ideal audience. 

That’s great feedback! Consider ways to teach the same skill in less time. Suddenly, your solution will provide even more value to potential customers who struggle to get things done.



Finding the right market for your product can be challenging, but with the right strategies and a shift in perspective, it is possible. 

By understanding your existing customers, adapting your approach, and redesigning your offer you can overcome obstacles and attract new buyers. 

If you’re ready to use this fresh approach to help your business thrive, join us for an upcoming free workshop.

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