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Attract, Enroll, Deliver How 3 Hybrid Experts Are Making Important Transitions From Tired & Trapped to Freedom & Flexibility

If you’re a coach, consultant, course creator, or a combination of these professions, growing your business and increasing leverage requires three essential models: attract, enroll, and deliver. 

Attract clients, enroll those clients into your programs, and deliver your program or service to those clients. 

And each of these areas presents a challenge and an opportunity for growth and leverage. 

We work with all kinds of experts who are making these key transitions in their business. In this article, we’ll dive into three unique stories of individuals and how they’re handling these shifts.

Deliver Challenge: Going from 1:1 to 1:Many

Dan Ulin is a consultant who’s built a successful business based on high-ticket, one-on-one consulting, and his next challenge is figuring out how to translate his expertise into a group program, so he can get more leverage in his Delivery. 

He’s built a successful mid-6 figure business thus far, and he’s rapidly on track to scale that up. 

But there’s a very real ceiling on his time, since he’s working individually with all of his clients. 

He has one high-ticket offer that works very well, and a limited number of client spots driving those high prices. 

Dan knows he should create a more leveraged group program, but he struggles with feeling like the client experience would be less valuable in a group than his one-on-one work. 

And if you’ve been feeling this way too, it might be preventing you from making the FULL shift into group delivery that frees up more of your time. 

So we helped Dan shift his mindset to see group delivery as MORE valuable than one-on-one, because of “who you’re in the room with” and who you get access to. 

Dan also realized that it doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” and that he can keep elements of his 1:1 work while shifting some of the delivery pieces to a group setting.

Because your business is a HYBRID, you can do both – and when you create a group program, it actually lets you raise your rates even further for those elite “VIP” 1:1 clients. 

It’s all about finding what works for you, your business, and your life.

Enroll Challenge: Are You Talking to the Right People? 

Todd Linder is a career coach who’s been able to build a successful cold traffic funnel, and is now focused on creating a high-converting Enrollment process so he can convert more of his leads from cold traffic. 

Since Todd has cracked the nut on cold traffic and he’s able to get leads in the door, the next big challenge is around converting those leads into his program through a live presentation. 

If you’re in a similar place, where you’re doing lots of one-on-one calls and you’d love to make that process easier…you’re sick of repeating yourself on every single call and you’d love people to show up ready to buy, or even take calls OUT of the process completely, the key is in tailoring your presentation to answer the key objections from your sales calls. 

So as you have one-on-one sales calls, pay attention to the questions you get, pay attention to how you find yourself answering them, and USE that data as you craft your live presentation. Another big takeaway for Todd was to be really clear about WHO you’re talking to – making sure that the price and transformation your offer promises matches who you’re talking to.

Because when you’re struggling to get people to enroll, you either have a gap in your message, your offer, or your model. Todd is now going back to tweak his offer and continue to test different things in his live presentation.

Attract Challenge: 

Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker is a coach & course creator who has successfully transitioned from one-on-one work to one-to-many. She recently celebrated her highest sales ever from a webinar, and the next big shift after a successful webinar is to focus on generating more leads from cold traffic aka Attraction

Jennifer is running a QUIZ Funnel to bring in leads through cold traffic ads, which is performing really well, but the missing link in her business is getting people to show up for her live presentations. 

She has 12,000 people on her email list, and she’s struggling to get them to sign up for the workshop and actually show up. 

Jennifer knows that she delivers a ton of value on her workshop, so being able to get MORE people there would give her a huge amount of leverage.

Trying to get people through your funnel is like getting them across a river bridge. You have to make the stepping stones close enough that they don’t fall, and make the other side of the river attractive enough that they keep going. 

We helped Jennifer brainstorm ways to make her workshop SO attractive that you’d be a fool not to join (including offering a gift for showing up, tweaking your language and your copy based on the language from your market, and other ideas).

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