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How to Find Out What Customers Want

If you simply guess what your customers want, you’ll set yourself up for long hours, limited success, and a frustrating cycle of trial and error. 

Truly understanding what motivates your audience to pull out their credit card and buy is a critical part of business success. 

And this blog post is going to show you how to get inside their heads to serve them better while building a more efficient business for yourself.

Henry Ford once said, “If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have told me ‘faster horses.’” 

What a powerful statement! And it’s absolutely true.


People Don’t Know What They Want

Picture what would happen if you asked your friends to describe the perfect car…

Their imaginations would go wild thinking up various features that may or may not resemble an actual car they’d be willing to spend their money on.

The fact is that people aren’t very good at telling you what they want, but they can easily pinpoint what they don’t want.

Furthermore, they struggle to predict what they’ll do in the future, but they can accurately tell you about actions they’ve taken in the past.

That’s why the following two questions are market research gold that will change the way you create products and services.

Each one plays an important role in what we call the Deep Dive Survey, a well-crafted series of questions that give you a peek inside the minds of your audience.


Question #1: When it comes to [insert your niche or area of expertise], what has been your biggest challenge, frustration, or obstacle?

Here at The ASK Method, we call this the SMIQ, or the Single Most Important Question. It’s easy to sell solutions to problems, and this question will reveal exactly what those problems are.

You may even discover that your current offer doesn’t provide a remedy for the burning issues that your ideal customers are struggling to overcome.

Or perhaps your product is the perfect solution that will help customers conquer those big challenges, but you’ve failed to communicate that benefit with your marketing.


Question #2: What solutions have you tried in order to solve this problem, and how much money have you spent on those solutions?

This question uncovers two very important clues…

First, you’re going to discover whether or not your audience is willing to invest time and effort into solutions like the ones that you offer.

If they are or have been putting in the work, it makes sense that they will continue that behavior as they move forward.

Second, you’ll find out whether or not people are willing to spend money to solve their problem. 

If you had walked through the front door and asked them to describe the perfect solution, or how much money they’d be willing to pay, you would have gotten answers that came from their imagination.

That’s why using the side door is key to getting real, honest answers that you can put to work right away for building a more successful business.



It’s important to understand your customer better than they understand themselves. But you have to be strategic with the questions that you ask to get accurate data for an increase in sales.

Achieve that goal by asking them what their biggest challenge is, and follow up by getting clues to past behaviors.

Up until recently, the process of diving deep into the minds of your audience and creating an irresistible offer based on the answers you find, was tedious and time consuming.

That’s why our team of developers and marketing experts came together to design an AI tool that can do the work for you in a matter of minutes.

There are lots of AI tools out there, but this is the only one that’s built around the proven ASK Method strategy.


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