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7 Free Ways to Drive Traffic Like a Pro

You don’t need deep pockets to get noticed online. Here are 7 ways to drive traffic like a pro, and they don’t cost a dime. Let’s dive right in!


1. Join the Conversations Happening on Social Media:

There are two steps to follow for connecting with potential customers online. First, think about your most satisfied clients, and use their common characteristics to create an avatar that represents your Who.

Who do you help? How old are they? What are their shopping habits? Where do they live? What problems do they face? And where might they go to find answers?

Understanding what makes them tick will help you find the platforms and groups where they’re hanging out. That’s when you step in and join the natural conversations that are already taking place.

Be sure to add real value. Don’t be the spammy guy that comes on too strong and shares too many links.

Prioritize connection over perfection. Use authentic images and genuine copy when you post and comment on social media.


2. Tap into the Power of Partnerships:

Borrowing audiences is a great strategy for getting new traffic, especially if you serve a niche market.

And just like any relationship, there’s a right and wrong way that will either lead to mutual success or a slimy reputation.

Choose to partner up with other influencers or bloggers who serve the same niche, but in a different way.

For example, if you offer meal-planning for busy moms who want to eat healthy, it may be mutually beneficial to partner up with a fitness instructor who specializes in short, effective workouts for moms who want to stay fit.

The goal here is to add value to their audience, not steal them away. It’s a win-win-win situation.


3. Awesome Content Marketing:

Give before you get. Show up for your audience and let them know that you’re not just in it for yourself. 

Demonstrate that you’re willing to invest in their success and share your expertise in a generous way.

Create engaging and valuable blog posts and videos that your audience looks forward to. Focus on authenticity, and be genuine with your content message. 

Share intriguing snippets of information that builds anticipation to leave your readers wanting more.


4. Host Webinars That Wow:

With all the available communication platforms to choose from, it’s easy to get started hosting your own webinars.

You don’t have to be a technical genius or a whiz in front of the camera – just be you, and share a few nuggets that your audience can take away from the experience.


5. Effective Email Marketing:

Don’t wait until you have an enormous list of email subscribers. Start small and build a great sender reputation.

Nurture your audience with tips and tricks that will help them overcome the problems they face in day to day life.

Write your emails as if you were talking to a friend over a cup of coffee. Be real and use language that’s easy to read. 

Include a call to action that gives them an opportunity to engage with your website, blog, or social media page.


6. Use Simple SEO Strategies and Optimize Your Landing Page:

Employ simple, clear language that search engines will “understand” when you create your page title, url, and main headings.

Make sure that you have a really juicy incentive that will get people to opt-in when they do land on your page, and design your page using the four essential elements.

Lead magnets may include downloads, free events, or exclusive content…

But our absolute favorite lead magnets here at ASK are Quizzes! Everybody loves quizzes, they are valuable to the quiz-taker, and they provide you with a wealth of market research.


7. Leverage Existing Traffic:

Get people to your site, and keep them there

Imagine that you have a quiz lead magnet, and think about all the different ways that it can be positioned on your website.

Ask yourself, “Where do people enter the site?” If you’re driving traffic from a social media post to your blog post, make sure that readers also see the quiz call to action there on the blog page.


Turn Traffic Into Revenue

Use these 7 strategies consistently, and you’ll see your audience grow. Pay attention to which topics your audience interacts with most, and give them more of what they want.

The next step is taking your new followers from stranger to customer, and that means presenting them with an offer that is so effective at solving their problems they can’t turn it down.


Join us for the next Irresistible Offer Workshop and we’ll show you exactly how to do it: