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Learn the Stealth Strategy for Creating Click-Worthy Content

There’s a stealthy way to come up with click-worthy ideas for juicy posts, webinars, courses, or bootcamps, and it’s a whole lot more effective than brainstorming and guesswork.

We call it the Stealth Deep Dive Survey (DDS). This “cousin” to The ASK Method’s Classic DDS will help you uncover the topics your audience craves…

Even if you don’t have a list!

It’s a way of finding out what your audience wants to hear, read, and watch by understanding what they don’t want.

Which frustrations are they trying to avoid? What problems would they like to make disappear? 

Like Sherlock Holmes, you’ll dive into the conversation that’s already taking place and start digging up clues.


Get Your Topic from Your Market, Not Your Mind

Start by identifying your ideal customer or client and finding out where they’re hanging out. 

You don’t have to have a great big Facebook group or forum of your own because you can borrow from others. The goal here is to find those common challenges, and you can do that simply by observing.

Look at online communities, forums, etc for evidence of:

  • Challenges
  • Frustrations
  • Concerns

Pay close attention to posts where your ideal customer is asking for help. The thing they need help with is going to make a great teaching topic for your next piece of content.


Valuable Places to Look for Clues

Look for the struggles and challenges that most people share. You’ll see the same questions asked over and over again, and they often have the most comments as well. Here are some valuable resources:

  • Facebook Groups (yours & others)
  • LinkedIn Groups (yours & others)
  • Amazon Reviews
  • YouTube Comments
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Sales Call Transcripts

You’ll start to see some recurring problems that everybody is looking to solve. And when you make those highly sought after solutions easily available, your audience will pay attention.


Keywords to Search

Searching for the right keywords will allow you to be stealthy and fast. Type the following words and phrases into the search bar and jump right to the good stuff:

  • “Challenge” or “Biggest challenge”
  • “Frustrat” or “Frustration”
  • “Disappoint” or “Disagree”
  • “Mistake”
  • “Tired of”
  • “Question”
  • “Problem”
  • “How do I…” or “How to…”
  • “Struggle” or “Concern”

Here’s a pro tip: Type the root word instead of the whole word so that you don’t miss variations with different endings.

Jot down those challenges that are mentioned over and over again. This will become your list of hot new content ideas.



One of the best things about this strategy is that you don’t need a list! The entire process takes less time than brainstorming. And it’s one of the most effective ways to decide on topics that people will love.

If you’re ready to create content, products, and services that your audience can’t get enough of (but you’re super short on time), join us for our next free workshop and learn how to do it all at record speed.

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