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How to Transform Your Expertise Into a Product That Sells

Many coaches and consultants start their own business to help more people while breaking free from the grind. But they soon realize that one-on-one client work couples their income to their schedule. 

Making more money means sacrificing more time. The solution is to decouple your time and money by turning your expertise into a product that helps multiple people at once. 

Examples include group coaching, online courses, or live events.

This blog post is going to show you how. Grab a pen and create your own unique road map as you explore the four steps outlined below:


1. Make a List of Questions You Ask Every Client

Serving clients well means understanding their needs. This requires asking the right questions that drill down and get real, honest answers so you can suggest targeted solutions.

As you make the transition from one-on-one to one-to-many, these questions can become key elements of a workbook or group assignment that adds value to your product.


2. Write Down Common Problems Shared By All Your Clients

When clients share a common problem they can also share a solution. This means that you can reduce your workload while delivering the same transformation to multiple people at once.

Those problems make a great outline for group teaching content. Maybe you’ll decide to create a course, using each problem as a module. 

Or maybe these common problems can be molded into a live coaching program that presents solutions for pressing issues while thinking ahead to prevent the next hurdle from becoming a setback.


3. Productize Your Expertise and Put it On Repeat

As your product or group of products evolves, document the step-by-step process that consistently gets the best results.

This is how you put success on autopilot. When you find something that works, write it down and keep doing it.

Assign pieces of that process to others as you build a team of people trained to deliver your method, model, and framework.


4. Turn the Transformation into the Hero

Your clients don’t really want you

They want the transformation you provide. 

So, as you move to this new business model, your message will need to change as well.

You probably help people achieve greater levels of health, happiness, or wealth. And that’s what’s most important to your client.

It’s okay to create distance between you and your marketing message. Instead, frame that highly desirable transformation as the hero of the story. 



Every coach and consultant can start using these four steps to turn expertise into income without adding more work to an already demanding schedule.

Make a list of recurring questions, jot down the problems that your audience shares, package up the solutions as a new product, and adapt your marketing message.

There you have it – a clear path to creating a product that sells while actually working less. 

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