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Avoid These 3 Mistakes for a Simple, Scalable, Stress Free Business

Many coaching and consulting businesses start out with one-to-one client meetings. They make a big difference for the people they serve while becoming pretty successful.

But somewhere along the way they realize that their income has become coupled with their time – making more money means working more hours. 

That’s when they hit a revenue ceiling…

There are no more hours in the day, so there’s no more revenue potential.

And the thing you need to know about this common situation is that clients don’t want the coach or consultant. They want the result they get from working with that person.

If this sounds familiar, and you feel chained to your desk, it’s important to understand how to shift away from a one-on-one model and still deliver the results clients are looking for.

The solution is to reshape the way you deliver your knowledge so that you can help many people at one time. They still get the results they’re looking for, and you get your life back.

But there are three common mistakes to avoid during the switch. 


Mistake #1: Complication

Keep it simple. Remember, the key here is taking action and getting results. Innovation isn’t about adding more layers and steps, but rather getting really amazing results with less effort.

Streamline your onboarding process, focus on the elements of your program that get the biggest results, and give people a reasonable number of choices that won’t overwhelm you or the client.

And, while we’re on the subject of overwhelm, let’s dive into the next common mistake.


Mistake #2: Customization

Imagine going to a restaurant where there is no menu. The customers can order anything they want! It would be impossible for the chef to handle the chaos.

Yet, over-customization is a common mistake coaches and consultants make when they are creating new products and offers as their business starts to scale.

It’s important to productize your knowledge instead – think of it as creating a menu for your clients. Decide how to package up your expertise in a way that makes sense for everyone.

Your new offer can be irresistible for your clients without absorbing all of your time.


Mistake #3: Compromising

The third mistake is compromising your own well-being and non-negotiables. Your business should align with your lifestyle and reflect your values. 

What are the things you refuse to budge on? Write them down, draw that line, and stand your ground.

For example, here at ASK we have a no-jerk policy. Our customer service team and coaching staff work really hard to serve clients. We respect our customers, we’re committed to solving problems, and we value that same desire for success in the people we serve.

Maybe your priorities include spending quality time with family or avoiding excessive travel. 

Build your offer around those aspects. Remember, your offer should not only serve your clients but also support your own personal and professional goals.


The Next Step

Now you understand the pitfalls to avoid as you make that transition from one–on-one to one-to-many. So what’s the next step?

It’s time to create a sparkling new offer that avoids complication, offers minimal customization, and doesn’t compromise your non-negotiables.

This process was once time-consuming, requiring hours spent pouring over survey results, writing a new marketing message, and brainstorming a new set of low to high ticket products.

That’s why our team got together and created a unique tool that combines AI with The ASK Method strategies to create new offers in record time.


The next Irresistible Offer Workshop is coming up soon. Join us for free, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it: