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Rock the Same Marketing Strategy as Taylor Swift

When you create the product that your audience craves, then craft a marketing message that speaks directly to your audience, people will line up to buy it.

It all begins with understanding your audience. Ask yourself:

  • What experience do they crave? 
  • What problems do they have? 
  • What type of product are they already searching for?

Most likely, your audience is made up of different audience segments that I like to call buckets. Each of these buckets represents a different type of buyer.

There are two strategies you can use to create a hot, new offer that will have people scrambling to click the “Buy Now” button:

  1. Achieve customization by creating different versions of your product so that each variation targets a different bucket of potential buyers.
  2. Create a single product that utilizes a concept called perceived customization. This technique makes that one product feel like the perfect fit for every segment of your audience.

Taylor Swift’s most recent tour leveraged the second option – perceived customization. And she took that concept to a whole new level when she designed a product that appealed to every member of her fan base. 

Watch the clip below to learn how:


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Use Perceived Customization in Your Business

You don’t need an audience of millions to rock this same marketing strategy with your next offer.

It begins with truly understanding what motivates your audience to pull out their credit card and buy. 

And if you’re ready to get inside the heads of your audience, there’s an easy way to get started.

Here at The ASK Method, we call it the SMIQ, or the Single Most Important Question. It’s easy to sell solutions to problems, and this will reveal exactly what those problems are.

Ask the following question to your email list, social media audience, or a few of your best clients:

When it comes to [insert your niche or area of expertise], what has been your biggest challenge, frustration, or obstacle?

The answers you receive will likely reveal commonalities. There will be certain problems or obstacles that everyone in your audience shares.

Use those commonalities as the basis for your next irresistible offer. Tie them together with your marketing message, and attract buyers with perceived customization.



Taylor Swift used her master marketing skills to bring over a billion dollars in ticket sales with one groundbreaking tour.

And the strategy that helped her achieve this monumental success is called perceived customization. 

You can use this same process in your own marketing, and all you have to do to get started is ask a single question that will uncover the biggest challenges shared by each segment of your audience.

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