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The 44 Tools I Use to Run a 7+ Figure Business

This post was inspired by Noah Kagan’s post HERE on the tools that he uses to run his business.

I thought it would be cool to put together a list of all the tools that WE use in our business (the software/digital ones, at least).

So here they are, in no particular order:

Documentation and Storage

  • Google Docs/Drive: We use Google Docs as a team not only to collaborate on files, but to organize and systemize the processes in our company. Each procedure document has a code and a number, and each is linked to in a master spreadsheet that everyone has access to. The permissions for each procedure can be controlled as needed.
  • Egnyte: Our main file storage system for other documents that are not in Google Drive.
  • Dropbox: Another way to share files, videos, meeting recordings, etc.
  • Evernote: I use Evernote to take notes, save important bits of information, and pass those on. It’s not used team-wide but I often find myself sharing my Evernotes.

Shopping Cart

  • Infusionsoft: We made the transition to Infusionsoft this year, and while there’s definitely a learning curve, it’s been worth it.
  • 1ShoppingCart: Before Infusionsoft, we used 1ShoppingCart, which is definitely a solid choice.

Membership Sites

  • Xenforo: The membership site of my Next Level Group Mastermind is hosted in Xenforo, which is a great forum software that allows for any number of customizations, which we are constantly updating to create a better user experience.
  • Memberium: When we were looking for a way to host the Ask Method Masterclass course, we looked into a number of different options. We decided to go with Memberium because it was the best fit with the course that we were trying to design, and allowed us to integrate with our existing software.


  • Maropost: We made the transition to Maropost because it allows us more tagging and segmentation options than Aweber.
  • Aweber: Our alternative email provider, a solid choice, especially if you’re just starting out.


  • GoTo Webinar/GoTo Meeting: This is what we use almost exclusively for webinars and internal company meetings of more than 3 people.
  • Our “backup” meeting software if Go to Meeting is glitchy, it’s free and easy to use.
  • Skype: Used for client calls or internal meetings of 3 people or less.

Project Management

  • Trello: A cool way to organize and assign tasks, using cards, boards, and a Scrum integration to keep track of team productivity.
  • SLACK: This is team communication central, with channels for every aspect of the business. Slack is where all the action happens.
  • Teamwork: Our other project management software, used for our automated team member onboarding process, as well as larger projects.

Landing Pages

  • ClickFunnels: Landing page templates, opt-in funnels and more
  • Leadpages: Alternative to ClickFunnels, mostly used for webinar sign-up pages.
  • Ask Method Software: The software that’s custom-designed to implement Ask Method quizzes and surveys, like the Deep Dive Survey and Micro-Commitment Bucket Survey.

Planning and Outlining

  • LucidChart: Create flowcharts, processes, and mindmaps
  • iMindMap: I used this to create my Ask Method Blueprint, among other things. One of the best mindmap softwares available (for Mac).

Testing and Tracking


  • Fiverr: Need something done fast and cheap? Fiverr is the place to go.
  • Upwork: Where we go to find freelancers for specific jobs
  • Craigslist: Believe it or not, I’ve found some of my BEST team members on Craigslist. Here’s how I do it.
  • We use Rev to get calls and events transcribed. Fast 24 hour turnaround.

Video Stuff

  • Vimeo: What we use to host the Ask Method Masterclass training videos. Reasonable fees for a pro account
  • Wistia: More expensive, but offers a lot more tracking options.
  • Snagit: Easy way to grab screenshots and play around with them.
  • Camtasia: Screen recording software
  • Screenflow: With ScreenFlow you can record the contents of your entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, iOS device, microphone and your computer audio
  • Final Cut Pro: Video editing software
  • MySpeed (by Enounce): Lets you speed up videos to 2X or 3X so that you can watch them faster. (You can also slow them down)

My Personal Apps:

  • Flux: Cool app that automatically changes your screen color based on time of day (when it’s dark, the light is yellower).
  • Inner Balance: Helps me control and regulate my breathing rate and reduce stress
  • Boomerang for Gmail: Lets you schedule emails for later, set reminders to follow up, and more. Helps me keep my Gmail efficient.
  • Google Calendar: Nothing happens in Ryan’s world if it’s not in the calendar. I have separate calendars for client meetings, team meetings, family time, etc. so I always know what’s going on, and team members can edit and update as needed without seeing the whole thing.
  • Voice Memo App: Quick way to give myself reminders and jot things down on the go.
  • Call recorder for Skype: Since many of my client calls and team meetings are on Skype, I need a reliable call recorder.
  • Voice to Text Chrome Extension: This nifty little tool isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s a great way to get transcripts of calls on the spot.

Now, we use everything on this list, which means that it gets a personal recommendation from me.

That said, some of the links here are affiliate links. If you prefer that I don’t get paid, just type the website into the URL bar.

Now I’m curious…

What tools do you use that didn’t make this list? Anything that we absolutely need to know about? From this list, which tools do YOU prefer

Leave your recommendations in the comments below.