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5 Multimillion-Dollar Launch Pivots That We Made in 2022

At The ASK Method Company, one of our core company values is Continuous Improvement. And that’s why this year’s QUIZ Funnel Masterclass 3.0 launch was a little different than previous years.

For the past few months, the team has been BUSY preparing for and then delivering our biggest launch of the year. Here are the top five pivots we made in 2022 for our multimillion-dollar launch.

1. Symposium Week

For the first-time ever, we decided to host a weeklong symposium, bringing in digital marketing experts to discuss the major topics businesses must shift their strategies on to succeed in this new era of digital marketing. We called the event:

The Web 3.0 Future: 5 Talks. 5 Ways to Prepare for the NEW Web 3.0 Economy

The five talks centered around the post-cookie “METAverse” brought about by the iOS updates which significantly changed how businesses can advertise on the major platforms. Five digital marketing experts covered the Web 3.0 shifts around Traffic, Product, Email, Data & Privacy, and Funnels.

The truth is…if your business is going to thrive in today’s world, you need to OWN your data, RESPECT people’s privacy, and EARN their trust. And we want to help you be prepared.

The virtual symposium was a huge success, as we had over 15,000 people engage with the event!

2. A Focus on Click-Driven Emails

Another huge change with the iOS 15 update centered around Email Marketing—in particular, the shift away from the primary metric we use to measure email campaign success: open rates.

For years, email service providers (ESPs) used a pixel to track email opens. The pixel was automatically downloaded by recipients when they opened an email and then logged by the provider. With Apple’s iOS 15 update, Apple users (iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.) all get registered as an open, even if they did not take the action. This results in inflated open rates. The guys at have confirmed that it has become more convenient.

Therefore, we had to shift our Email Marketing strategy to focus on clicks. From subject line split tests to shorter, more straightforward emails to entertaining images and gifs (like the Facebook “Pickles” hook), we relied on copy and images that would entice our customers to click through.

Here’s the Facebook “Pickles” hook mentioned above:

We saw our Click Rates go up 75–100% when compared to our typical baseline during the launch. We have a lot to lean into here.

3. A Ticketed QUIZ Funnel Workshop

In previous years, we offered a free QUIZ Funnel Workshop prior to our Open Cart Week to teach our audience about the power of QUIZ Funnels and how they could be used as the great unlock in your business.

This year, we charged a $100 ticket price to attend the QUIZ Funnel Workshop, which included three days of live training and two days of live Q&A sessions (more on that in the launch pivot #4 below) for a full weeklong event.

Our CEO Ryan Levesque hosted live training sessions on “The QUIZ Funnel Paradox (And the Secret Formula for Success), How to Discover Your “Big Idea,” and gave away the same QUIZ Funnel Blueprint that we’ve used to generate over $62 million in revenue in the last five years.

What did the ticketed approach achieve? We had 3 times as many people engage with this year’s Workshop compared to last year, with HALF of the registrations.

4. Live Q&A Sessions with Ryan

One of the biggest goals for marketing education companies is to reach MORE people. But one of their biggest pitfalls can be losing the human connection by only offering pre-recorded courses and trainings.

In order to connect more with our audience during the QUIZ Funnel Workshop and Open Cart Week, our company focused on providing additional Live Q&A sessions with Ryan, otherwise known as his “ASK Me Anything” sessions.

Workshop attendees were invited into a limited-time Facebook group, which is where we hosted the Live Q&As.

Similar to our total Workshop engagement, we had double the number of attendees on this year’s Q&As.

5. The Early Bird Offer

To close out the QUIZ Funnel Workshop week, our team decided to host a Live-Only, No Replay, Extremely Limited Early Bird Access webinar the day before Father’s Day.

Those who attended the live webinar had the opportunity to upgrade to VIP (a $500 value) for FREE if they signed up before midnight that same day. The VIP Pass included over $40,500 in new bonuses including four brand-new VIP Web 3.0 training sessions on Product, Email, Data Privacy, and Traffic with the marketing experts from the Web 3.0 Future symposium.

Our Early Bird Webinar was the LARGEST revenue event in the history of our company. We’d say we crushed it!

And there you have it. After every launch, our team spends some time reviewing what worked and what didn’t so that we can Continue to Improve in the future.

We hope that some of these takeaways spark some ideas for you so that you can keep growing your digital business!