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The Leap vs. The Switch How to Get More Leverage in Your Business as a Coach, Consultant, or Course Creator

Starting a business is the hard part. And then there’s that elusive “scaling” that’s supposed to happen. But somehow scaling turns into putting more on your plate and spending more time on calls. How do you “make the switch” to get REAL leverage in your business? Let’s talk about it.

Making “The Leap”

There are two key transitions in your business that we all go through to get to that end destination that we want to get to. The first transition is “The Leap” – that moment of starting your business in the first place. Now the Leap is where, for the first time you decide to go off on your own. You decide to start your own business. Maybe it’s a side hustle, maybe it’s a full time thing. You take that leap of faith with courage and grit. You step off the edge and you say, you know what? I’m going to dive right in. 

And you feel like the world is your oyster. You have a vision for your business and all of those amazing possibilities are going to come true. It’s an exciting stage where everything feels possible and it’s all going to work out. 

Then, reality hits – and we land in a place where instead of feeling freedom and fulfillment, we feel tired and trapped. You’re working harder now than you were before you started your business. You feel trapped around all the things. It’s like your business owns you. You have no freedom and flexibility. You’re working all the time just to try to make things work. And what ends up happening is we’ve essentially created this prison for ourselves. And the question is, how do you actually get out?

Making “The Switch”

“The Switch” is that second important transition as an expert business owner, and it’s all about creating leverage in your business – decoupling your income from your time. In other words, creating a paradigm in your business where it does not require more hours of your time to make more income and make more impact in the world. 

In order to fully make the Switch, there are 3 key areas that require leverage: Attract, Enroll, and Deliver.

3 Key Areas: Attract, Enroll, Deliver

If you’re a coach, consultant, or any kind of entrepreneur, chances are that most of your time is spent in 3 key areas in your business:

Attracting prospects and leads, enrolling customers and clients, and delivering your products and services.  

Attract: How are you attracting leads into your world? Are you running traffic? Are you doing speaking engagements? Podcasts? Are you going to networking events and reaching out to people? Are you posting on social media? Do you do paid advertising? Do you have content strategies that are living beyond you in the work that you actively put in? How are you attracting people into your business, and how much leverage do you have in this area? 

Enroll: How does someone go from a prospect to a client? What does that process look like? Are you getting on the phone with clients one on one? Do you have a workshop or a webinar that you drive people to, to educate people on the value of what it is that you deliver? How are you enrolling people into your paid programs? What does that look like in your business? And just like with delivery, there are ways to get more leverage in this enrollment step that decouple your time from your income. 

Deliver: There are many different ways to deliver your products and services. Whether it’s 1:1 calls with clients, a self-study online course, a group coaching program, or a hybrid where you do a mix of a number of different things. And many businesses will have a combination of courses, group programs, and sometimes 1:1 consulting as well. The “mix” of your delivery determines how much leverage you have. How, where, and who delivers your expertise.

How to Move from Trapped and Tired to Freedom and Fulfillment

Think for a moment about how you’re currently doing each stage of Attract, Enroll, Deliver in your business. What’s currently NOT working about each one? And if nothing about that changes…what does the future look like for your business?

Probably more of the same: trapped, tired, overwhelmed, doing too much, and not able to scale your business in the way you want to. 

Many experts understand that the best way to get more leverage is by doing 2 things:

Serving MORE people at once, with LESS of your time. 

But that shift doesn’t happen all at once. There are stages and levels of making “The Switch” from completely unleveraged to fully leveraged.

And moving between each stage has its own challenges, and its own step-by-step process to follow.

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