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3 “AI Myths” How to Shortcut Your Market Research with ChatGPT

Using AI for business is here to stay, and it seems like everyone is talking about it. Whether you’re excited about the possibilities, a little suspicious, or not fully sure how to take advantage of its capabilities, it has already changed the game in a number of ways. So, let’s talk about 3 important ways that people misunderstand or misuse AI business tools, and one way it’s ALREADY making life easier for business owners: market research.

AI Myth #1: Everything ChatGPT Writes Is Generic

We’ve been experimenting with chatGPT and other AI tools for quite a while now, and here is the most important thing we’ve learned: the prompt matters. The more generic the prompt, the more generic the output. And as we know here at the ASK Method Company, HOW you “ASK” matters. There are specific ways to structure your prompts to get higher quality results from these AI tools, and the more detailed the prompt, the better.

AI Myth #2: Nothing Will Replace The “Human” Aspect Of Business

When asked about the market research in the development of the Ford Model T, Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

It’s a quote that I use often to illustrate the power of the ASK Method, of asking the RIGHT questions, but it also speaks to the fact that as humans, we have trouble imagining how new technology will change the world. Many people are fearful, nervous, and apprehensive about how AI will change things, and how it will replace jobs that humans used to do. 

And while we don’t really know the extent to which that will happen, there’s one thing that’s clear: business owners who are using these tools will stay ahead of those who aren’t. So, are you going to be driving a horse-drawn wagon, or a Model T?

AI Myth #3: So Are We Going To Use AI For Everything Now? 

Here’s the thing – we’re ALREADY using AI in our daily lives, many times without realizing it. 

Autocomplete, facial recognition, and auto transcription services are just a few ways that AI has made its way into our lives. 

What’s exciting about this new technology is that we can choose how much we want to engage with it. There are some people who are going all in on AI, and others who are ready to move to a cave so they don’t have to hear about it or deal with it. And the answer, like most things, lies somewhere in the middle. The future is going to be a hybrid of human uniqueness and wisdom, streamlined and assisted with AI. And here’s a perfect example of what that can look like, using something that we’ve taught in our business since the very beginning – the Deep Dive Survey.

Market Research Done in Seconds

A key piece of the ASK Method is the Deep Dive Survey – it’s a process that enables you to find out what your audience REALLY wants – not just what they say they want, not just what they think they want – what they really want. 

And when I first started doing Deep Dive Surveys, they used to take a LONG TIME to analyze. This is what the Excel template for the Deep Dive Survey looks like:

There are embedded formulas and calculations, and I remember reviewing thousands of survey results, one by one, line by line. It took hours, even days to arrive at the results. 

And while we’ve streamlined the process in past years – it still took a while to gather and analyze the data. Not anymore. Now, with the RIGHT prompts and raw survey data (which comes from asking the right questions), GPT-3 can do it in seconds.

And that’s just one of the ways that these tools are changing the game for business owners. Join us for an upcoming free training for coaches, consultants, and “Hybrid Experts” all about How to Get More Clients Faster Using this Unique AI-Powered Client-Getting Strategy.

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