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Steal 20 of Our Best Email Subject Lines

The most reliable way to connect with your audience is via your own email list, even if it’s small.

But it can be a challenge to make sure your subscribers actually open and read your emails.

This blog post is going to review some of our most successful subject lines of all time (as well as give you a sneak peek behind the scenes into why they work!).

Feel free to use these as inspiration for your own emails, but don’t just steal them blindly…read on to find out why they work, and how you can alter them for your own audience.

The subject lines are divided into five themes:

  1. FOMO
  2. Curiosity
  3. Value
  4. Questions
  5. Special



“Fear of Missing Out” (or FOMO) is a real thing, and it can help you drive opens for your emails, like these examples:

  1. Major Opportunity
  2. TIME SENSITIVE: The Doors are OPEN!
  3. Early action bonus: Don’t miss out!
  4. We’re closing the doors…



If you lead with curiosity you can often inspire people to open your emails to find out what’s inside?

These are some of the shortest subject lines we’ve ever used… but don’t let their brevity fool you. The combination of the one (or two) words with a sad emoji led to huge results for us.

They spark curiosity and seem like an email from a friend.

  1. Oh no! 🙁
  2. Sorry 🙁
  3. Bye ;-(

Call these “Small but Mighty!”



Value subject lines do several things well: First, they promise valuable information. Second, they include specifics (dollar amounts, time frames, etc.).

These “value” emails are perennial high performers:

  1. FREE: ASK Method Step-by-Step (PDF Blueprint Inside)
  2. CASE STUDY: $17.50/hr to $25K/ mo in < 1 Year
  3. Q&A: The ASK Method vs. Other programs (pros and cons)
  4. CASE STUDY: From “Struggling” to $470K… in just 5 days…
  5. REPLAY: Guided Tour – the NEW ASK 2.0 Masterclass

No one can pass up a detailed case study or step-by-step guide!



Questions as subject lines almost demand the reader to answer, at least in his or her head. But not only that, they hint at the content included in the email… and lead to great engagement rates.

Take a look at these high-performing examples:

  1. Wanna work with ME and my team directly??
  2. ASK Coaching & Mentorship: Got QUESTIONS??
  3. Wanna get CERTIFIED in the ASK Method?
  4. Are you making 6 figures or more? (Y/N)

Think about the questions you can ask to get people opening your emails.



Using “Special” words that evoke emotion or disrupt people’s patterns can be hugely effective. I mean, how can you scroll past something marked “URGENT” or that includes an “over-the-top bonus” or a “special gift?” Most people can’t… which is why the open rates on these emails are so high!

These top-performing subject lines of ours all contain “special” words:

  1. URGENT: Over-the-top bonus alert…
  2. Knock knock, special gift coming your way…
  3. Peek inside the ASK vault
  4. A secret behind 5 billion dollar success



Are you eager to stand out in your customer’s inbox? Use FOMO, value, curiosity, questions, and special words to connect with subscribers.

Building trust with emails that demand attention and deliver real value will take your audience from cold to warm. People will be eager to get their hands on the products and services you sell.

When you’re ready to move your audience forward in the customer journey, consider joining us for the next Irresistible Offer Workshop. It’s absolutely free to attend. Just click below and reserve a spot: