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2023: The Year Of the Coach

The Online Coaching Industry Is Heating Up Faster Than Ever and Is Taking the World by Storm

From online fitness coaches helping busy moms get their sweat on to productivity coaches hired by organizations to boost employee efficiency… The possibilities are endless. Coaching is the perfect way to grow your business, whether you’re a pro or a newbie.

Welcome to the next part of our 2023 predictions series, where we look at trends in digital entrepreneurship. I sat down with Stephanie Licata, the Director of Coaching at The ASK Method and a coaching professional with over 15 years of experience. 

Stephanie is an ICF and NYU certified coach and a graduate of Columbia University. With her wealth of expertise, she is the perfect person to share what the future holds for the coaching industry.

Prediction #1 – Higher Demand For Immersive Experiences 


Let’s face it; we live in a world where technology has taken over. And we’re constantly pulled in a million different directions. People want accountability and a way to filter out distractions and focus on their goals.

We’re talking about Bootcamp-style sessions that go beyond 45-60 minute weekly check-ins. It’s a chance for coaches to deliver their services in a valuable way, leaving their clients feeling like they’ve hit the jackpot.

Imagine having a coach that sets aside their time to focus on you and hold you accountable, allowing you to take action in the moment. That’s why the online coaching game is about to level up in 2023 with the rise of immersive experiences. And all the benefits, like not having to spend days and months doing one-on-one client work so you can help more people and make more money.

At The ASK Method, we’re already ahead of the game. We deliver the Bootcamp model, a deep-dive experience in small and large group formats. The beauty of bootcamps is that they’re scalable and have global reach, thanks to technology like Zoom, Webex and other hosting platforms. 

This trend reflects the shifts in the job market, changes in how businesses operate, advancements in communication and connectivity technology, and changes in consumer behavior. With the speed of change increasing, people seek guidance and expertise more than ever and don’t want to waste time researching everything on their own; hence the “googling themselves down a rabbit hole.”

Prediction #2 – Coaching Goes Mainstream


Are you ready to take your coaching game to the next level? Because the world is ready for you!

According to a global survey conducted by the Institute for Professional Excellence and Coaching (IPAC), 66% of people are now very or somewhat aware of coaching, which is a dramatic increase from the past. 

More people worldwide are aware of coaching and what it can do for people’s lives, work, and businesses. This has made coaching a more accepted profession.  With over 1.5 million life, business, and executive coaches, it’s clear the world is ready for the expertise coaches have to offer. 

The acceptance of coaching as a profession has led to increased global opportunities. People are now more open to working with coaches due to the changes in the nature of remote work and how people interact and work with each other. Additionally, the trend of remote work has led to more people enjoying working from home. 

Digital international opportunities for coaches have now opened up in 2023 and beyond. Such as reaching a broader audience to fill their pipeline, feeling empowered by impacting people’s lives globally and enjoying the freedom to work and connect with people everywhere. Working less and making more is now possible, so why not take advantage of technological advancements?

Digital international possibilities for coaches have been surging in recent years. This trend is expected to continue into 2023 and beyond. Coaches who embrace the global opportunities provided by technological advancements can reach a broader audience, enabling them to build their businesses on an international scale. Not only can they increase their income by working less and making more, but they also impact people’s lives worldwide. 

Prediction #3 – Organizations Investing & Prioritizing Team Coaching  


B2B coaching is about to blow up in 2023. A recent survey from Coach Hub found that 9 out of 10 organizations plan to invest in coaching in 2023. Gone are the days when coaching was only for the elite, the C-level executives and directors. Coaching is now for everyone, a tool the entire organization can enjoy, regardless of position or job title. 

As organizations have dispersed into remote and hybrid teams, team coaching creates unity and connection among team members. This can lead to increased productivity and better leadership, which is why B2B coaching is becoming an essential tool for organizations of all sizes. The ICF even issued a new certification for team coaching, recognizing the need for teams to work together more effectively.

Prediction #4 – Standing Out In The Highly Competitive Coaching Space 


It’s time to give your coaching clients the VIP treatment they deserve. Whether you’re a full-time coach, freelancer, or consultant, the competition is fierce. This is the year to get creative with how you deliver your coaching services.

You’ve got to niche down to stand out in the coaching game. Take your expertise in your life and career, and find ways to make it unique. You can differentiate yourself by delivering a deep dive experience or a VIP day, working with a handful of clients.

With the new economic cycle and technology rapidly changing, people are questioning where they should go from here. Set yourself apart as a coach by providing a scalable product suite that teaches coaching skills.

And, remember, you can help bosses go from boss to coach, as the need for coaching skills is increasing. And as the industry continues to grow and change, coaches can find new ways to make their coaching services stand out in a crowded market. 

To Sum Up…

The online coaching industry is evolving to meet the current market’s demands. One of the biggest trends we are seeing is the move towards more immersive experiences, which provide a “container” for clients to avoid distractions and go deeper in their coaching journey. 

This trend opens up global opportunities for coaches. Technology and remote work have made it possible to reach a global audience. Plus, in the B2B space, organizations recognize the value of investing in their teams. And they are now offering to coach all team members, not only C-level executives. 

With the demand for coaching, we’ll see more coaches and organizations embracing immersive experiences in the coming year.

And, speaking of immersive experiences…

Are you looking to reach a global market and deliver an immersive coaching experience? Our upcoming training teaches you how to leverage immersive experiences to scale your business.

With this training, you will learn how to serve many clients in a deeper way over 1 to 3 days and deliver a massive transformation. This way, there are no limits to only working with clients one-on-one. You’ll be able to work with a group of clients and charge a premium for your services. You can now capitalize on the demand that exists for immersive experiences. 

Imagine delivering one of these bootcamps once a quarter… and making a significant income as a coach. One that doesn’t need an ongoing commitment every day or week in your business. It is possible, and this model can help you achieve it. 

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