Ryan Levesque's ULTIMATE BONUS Package for Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Course

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If you're thinking about investing in Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Course, I wanted you to also have access to the most powerful bonus package available.

This bonus package is worth over $5,096 and you can ONLY get it when you enroll in Commission Hero before the countdown timer goes down to zero!

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Plus, you’ll also be getting other valuable "ASK + Affiliates" training in addition to the complete Commission Hero system:


How to Combine ASK + Commission Hero to Multiply your Affiliate Commissions

VALUE: $2,000

LIVE TRAINING: In this Training Session, we’re going to cover the power of the ASK + Affiliate Conversion Funnel. This never-before-offered training will give you a competitive edge in any Affiliate Promotion you do. PLUS Real-world Examples of how to stand out and sell more effectively.

See Behind the Scenes of the Affiliate Quiz Funnel that Robby used to generate thousands of dollars in commission and bonuses in just 5 days.

And much more...


Robby’s “Secret Sauce” for High Conversion Promotions

VALUE: $999

EXCLUSIVE TRAINING: I recently hosted a private training with Robby for my High Level Coaching and QUIZ Funnel Masterclass Students.

In this session he revealed his “secret sauce” - the conversion engine behind his massive success that led him to becoming the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the World!

  • The scalable “Easy Test” technique that Robby recommends for virtually every market (even if you are just getting started)
  • The 5 key ingredients to running a successful Affiliate Quiz Funnel (and generating commissions every day)
  • The winning formula for creating compliant Facebook Ads that convert (how to beat the algorithm)
  • The counter-intuitive process for building a winning sales funnel (this is something that gives you the advantage over your competitors)
  • and much much more…

How To Make Your Sales Emails More Compelling

VALUE: $499

I got my start in selling online by studying the copywriting techniques used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business. Over the years I have distilled this down to a specific set of “go-to” moves when it comes to creating any sales funnel.

In this training I reveal:

  • How to find the content that will literally write your copy for you
  • The step by step process for creating your own high converting bullets every single time
  • A Magic Trick that is THE missing ingredient when it comes to transforming raw data into compelling bullets - this will be a game changer for you...
  • How to AVOID these MISTAKES that prevent you from creating great copy

How I Get 3 Years of Work Done in 1 Year Using These 6 Secrets

VALUE: $299

Tired of running yourself into the ground to get ahead? I felt the same way a few years ago. Then I had a health scare that made me realize I needed to completely overhaul the way I worked.

So I added these 6 major "upgrades" to my work process. They changed my life, and I want to share them with you. They include:

  • My "Secret System Template" for batching work and buying back your time every week
  • How to stop fatigue and rocket power your focus
  • The surprising hacks I used to 3x my business in just 1 year
  • How to streamline every aspect of your business and get a LOT more done
  • The surprising reason multitasking DOESN'T work, and what to do instead (you'll LOVE this if you're already feeling overwhelmed)

My “Black Book” of Profitable Niche Markets

VALUE: $299

I have been collecting a promising list of markets for years. These are the EXACT Markets I would look at if I were to be starting a new business now, or looking for products to promote.

This list is based on my “Rosetta Stone” approach to finding Profitable Niches and you can use it to hit the ground running, even if you don’t have a list or any idea of which products to promote.


The 3 Things You MUST Do To Go “From Start To Success”

VALUE: $1000

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is to jump right in without first testing the water. So I’ve created a simple 3-Step approach that I have used as I enter market after market. Including:

  • My simple 5-second test to measure demand for your business idea (BEFORE you create a new product)
  • How to find your ideal customers are spending online (and get my top, go-to FREE tools for performing killer, eye-opening market research)
  • Discover your prospective customer’s biggest pain points and problems are (then position your product to solve those problems)...
  • Figure out your most important “buckets” that represent the hungriest segments of your market…
  • And how to put it all together to create the “marketing machine” that will generate new leads and sales for you every single day...on autopilot!