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How to Work Smarter (and Get MUCH Bigger Results)

There’s a funny habit I see among business owners … when we want to grow a business, we instinctively start working harder!

We think what worked in the past will get us more results today, so we double down.

But you only have 24 hours in a day. There comes a point where you can’t do one more thing. You don’t have time …literally!

You started a business to be free. So it makes no sense to work harder, especially if you’re not getting the results you want.

That’s why I disagree with the idea of working harder. Instead, I believe you need to focus on the #1 thing that will move the needle in your business TODAY.

Only one? Maybe this sounds counterintuitive, especially if you’re used to a day job where you’re expected to look busy all the time.

But we’re not interested in appearances here. This is about quality over quantity, and getting bigger results.

Frankly, many of us focus on tasks that don’t matter, because we confuse being busy with being productive. That’s why you see so many new business owners running out to print new business cards when they should be looking for customers.

Often, #1 things come down to:

  • How do I get customers?
  • How do I get MORE customers?
  • How do I create more value for the customers I already have and multiply the results I’ve already gotten?

Ultimately, it means looking at WHICH parts of your business generate 80% of your results.

Not every part of your business matters as much as you think it does. If one area brings in more revenue or growth, then that’s where you need to focus the majority of your time …at least, until you get bigger and can buy back your time by hiring outside help.

Corporations know that not every customer is created equal. Every company has a few diehard fans who make up the vast majority of business, and that’s where smart companies concentrate their efforts.

So, what could the #1 thing look like for YOUR business?

  • It could mean setting aside an hour today to write that Deep Dive Survey and send it to your list (no matter how small that list is).
  • It could mean getting feedback on a proven product so you can make improvements for your next sale (versus launching a brand new product).
  • It could mean asking your family to help around the house so you have more time to focus on product development.
  • It could mean setting aside some time to learn a new approach to generating leads and sales… to find those die hard fans for your company.

If you have no idea what your #1 thing is, ask a trusted friend or advisor for feedback. Or look at where the majority of your results are currently coming from in your business.

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Now I’m curious…

What is your biggest takeaway from this post? And how will you use it in your next launch?

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