Each year we accept a handful of experienced marketing consultants, coaches and agencies into the ASK Method Certification Program. And we put them through an extensive training and selection process, as they get advanced training on how to successfully grow their clients' businesses by implementing the ASK Method

Ryan Levesque

CEO, The ASK Method® Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certification Standards: What Does it Mean to Be Certified?

Our ASK Method Certified Professionals have to demonstrate that they have created profitable marketing funnels for their clients using the ASK Method.
This includes demonstrating that they…

  • Started from a Deep Dive Survey
  • Were able to effectively analyze the Deep Dive Survey Results to identify buckets (market segments) and create marketing copy that is deeply relevant to the target audience
  • Could create a Segmentation Funnel that effectively organized new leads into each of the identified buckets
  • Could create a Segmentation Funnel that performed according to certain conversion rate benchmarks and not only generated revenue for the client, but also generated a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Certified Professional vs. ASK Method® Associate: What’s the difference?

ASK Method Associates are enrolled in the Certified Professionals Program. They receive regular training from Ryan Levesque and the team on implementing the ASK Method for their clients and they’ve also passed the ASK Method Certification Exam.

In addition, Certified Professionals have demonstrated their ability to build a profitable ASK Method marketing funnels for their clients that either meet or exceed the benchmarks for effective conversion that have been established for the ASK Method.

How do I find an ASK Method® Certified Professional to hire?

Simply visit the ASK Method Certified Professionals page on this site to see a directory of our currently Certified ASK Method Professionals. Each Certified Professional is featured in the listing, along with details regarding their expertise and client case studies. You can also reach out and connect with a Certified Professional from that listing.

How do I become an ASK Method® Certified Professional?

Email support@askmethod.com and let us know you are interested in the Certification Program or if you have any other Certification-related questions and we can assist you further.