ASK Success Story: Teiko Reindorf


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Teiko is working for a fitness publishing company called Strength Camp to help monetize their large YouTube following and create an evergreen funnel in the Strength Training & Fitness market.


After working with the Ask Method Specialists, attending the coaching calls with Ryan Levesque, and going through the Implementation Workshop, Teiko was able to launch his funnel in less than 10 weeks.


With over 1,300 leads generated in less than two weeks of launching his funnel, sales are starting to come in and Teiko now has a budget to pay for ads while he continues to optimize his funnel.

THE PROBLEM - “There's definitely something that I'm missing...”

Teiko began working with the team at Strength Camp to further monetize their current YouTube following of 1,586,511 subscribers.

His plan was to create an evergreen sales funnel, as well as grow their audience through paid media.

Teiko and the team wanted “more clarity about what sort of products to put out…as the market evolves, sometimes you don’t know exactly what people want.”

Teiko_CS gfx_062716_the problem

However, Teiko still grappled with putting together all the different pieces involved in building successful sales funnels: copy, ads, product creation, funnel flow… as he says, “everything’s sort of scattered.”

Add to that the fact that, as Teiko says, he “stinks at tech” – he was looking for a method that would be easy to implement that made sense of all the marketing madness.

THE ACTION - “I need to make this work!”

Teiko has been a self-proclaimed “student of marketing” for years, following Justin Brooke, Dominate Web Media, Digital Marketer’s DM Lab, ConversionXL, and Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

And yet, as Teiko says, “The deeper down the rabbit hole you go, there are only a handful of things that are really pivotal.”

When you strip down the marketing process to its fundamentals (as shown in the Ask Method), it’s a simple 3-step process…

PeterLi_CS gfx_061616_3steps

After getting married last year and looking to buy a house, Teiko was really feeling the pressure to have something pay off for all of the time and effort he’s put into marketing so far.

THE TURNING POINT - “Oh, these guys are serious!”

Enter “Ask”.

Teiko read Ryan Levesque’s book and immediately ran a Deep Dive Survey to StrengthCamp’s list. Teiko and the team were blown away by the eye-opening responses to the DDS and got further clarity on WHO was on their list and WHAT they wanted.

Based on this early success, Teiko was hungry for more.

Shortly after running his first Deep Dive Survey, Teiko was invited to join the Next Level Group Mastermind where he met other successful entrepreneurs implementing the Ask Method.


He immediately noticed that there was an obvious difference in the caliber of marketer in this group versus other groups he was a part of.

One day, Ryan Levesque posted about the in-person Ask Method Intensive in February 2016 and although Teiko wanted to attend, the funds weren’t there yet to confidently make it happen.

The prospect of being part of the next one in June 2016 gave Teiko the motivation to continue building his funnel based on the insights he gained from the Deep Dive Survey.

And when the Ask Method Masterclass launched in March 2016, Teiko knew he had to be a part of it.

He had seen his friends using the Ask Method and getting better results than with any other marketing method, and ultimately, he knew “we need to use this.”


“I was really motivated.”

Teiko joined the Masterclass feeling excited that Ryan was “going to walk us through the entire process.”

He appreciated that the training modules were dripped out slowly, because it forced him to “go back and watch the videos over and over again…you sort of get those nuances you missed the first time.”

Teiko also enjoyed the level of feedback he got from the other members of the Masterclass as well as the Ask Method Specialists.

As he puts it, “having people who I could bounce questions off was so valuable. When you’re so close to something, it’s hard to see what you’ve missed.”

And most importantly, “I know I’m getting feedback from people who have been through it.”

“It doesn’t have to be perfect out of the gate.”

Once he joined, Teiko got right to work with his team creating 3 new products based on the results of the Deep Dive Survey.

He then created a quiz, quiz landing page, and a unique sales video for each product based on the visitors’ answers to the quiz questions.

The entire Quiz Funnel took Teiko about 30 days to build and everything was completed by following the step-by-step video training laid out in the Masterclass and receiving feedback along the way from the team of Ask Method Specialists.

And the reason that Teiko was able to get the funnel up and running so quickly?

Teiko_CS gfx_062716_ryan quote

He attributes his speed of implementation to the core message of Ryan Levesque’s process (“You don’t have to get it perfect. You just have to get it going.”).

Once Teiko saw that it doesn’t have to be perfect out of the gate and he could just keep tweaking, testing, and improving his funnel after hitting the launch button, it gave him the reassurance he needed and took all the pressure off.

THE RESULTS - “Converting at 50% opt-in rate!”

Teiko_CS gfx_062716_1300 leads

Once the funnel was ready to go, Teiko started driving organic traffic using annotations on Strength Camp’s most popular Youtube videos.

And the early results are impressive: just from the annotations alone, 1331 people completed the survey and provided their email address.

The opt-in rate, at 50%, is much higher than any of Strength Camp’s previous campaigns on Youtube.

And of those new subscribers, 53 also purchased one of the 3 products the team created for the funnel, for a conversion rate of 4% (before ANY optimization has been implemented).

Teiko_CS gfx_062716_results

The revenue generated from this organic traffic will now be used towards the budget for driving paid traffic to the Quiz Funnel.

FUTURE GROWTH - “1,000 new email subscribers per day...”

Right now Teiko is busy building on his early wins, testing and optimizing his funnel to meet his goal of 1,000 new email subscribers per day.

And with a potential audience reach in the millions, Teiko says, “I’m shooting for Ryan’s numbers, man.”


Teiko is excited to have brought so much value to Strength Camp in such a short period of time and now that he’s validated the market’s demand, he is looking forward to building out the entire funnel for the team, including coaching options and a complete upsell flow.

Teiko sums up his Masterclass experience by saying, “There’s so much anxiety about just getting started as well as ‘what happens if I don’t do it right’? When you have people who give you feedback and steer you in the right direction, that’s invaluable.”

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