ASK Success Story: Sri Rajasekar


ASK Success Story Snapshot


This is Sri’s first year in business as a full-time Life Coach helping women who attract the wrong kinds of men overcome their issues and find happiness.


With the detailed training from the Ask Method Masterclass, Sri took the responses from his Deep Dive Survey to create ads and sales copy that speaks directly to his audience.


Sri generated over 1,800 leads in under a month and boosted his conversions from 2% to a whopping 50% after launching his survey funnel.

THE PROBLEM - "I was only getting new clients every now and then..."

Sri coaches women who constantly attract destructive relationships and helps them overcome their personal obstacles to find happiness.

His biggest challenge, though, was earning a living while he continues to help these women live better, happier lives.

He says, “I lost five clients in a week once, and it almost wiped me out.”

Sri realized, “The model I was following didn’t work. I would need a way to consistently bring in new leads.”


Sri also had another problem: his conversions were so low, it was nearly impossible to pay for traffic and stay profitable.

To Sri, “it felt like I was on a hamster wheel and I wanted to get off. That’s when I started looking for the steps to get find and bring on more clients.”

THE ACTION - "The Masterclass could help me with my copy..."

Sri had never heard of Ryan or the Ask Method until he started trying to boost conversions by improving his copy.

He says, “I spoke with a friend about improving my copy, and he told me I shouldn’t even hesitate – learn the Ask Method and I would be able to write to my audience.”

When Sri watched Ryan’s videos, “I liked what Ryan had to say, and could tell the Masterclass would help me reach my goals.”


Sri wouldn’t be taking any half measures either. He was determined to move forward with a purpose.

The minute he decided to enrol in the Ask Method Masterclass, Sri decided “I’m going to go hard on this. All or nothing.”

THE TURNING POINT - “This was the most credible training I’ve ever seen.”

Sri jumped right into the action.

As he puts it, “It was such a straightforward training program I just wanted to bash all the way through it.”

In his mind, “I didn’t have any option. I had to go 100% through it and execute.”

In addition to addressing his original goal of producing new and improved copy for his coaching offers…

Sri discovered the Ask Method Masterclass would also help him better understand how to use Facebook to advertise his business.

This immediately proved useful to him, “understanding how to use Facebook ads for traffic has been huge. A real eye-opener” he said.

“Along with the Deep Dive Survey, this whole thing has given me a better way to speak to my customers. I feel like I have a holistic view of what I need to flourish.”


With the training, and help from the Ask Method Specialists, Sri was taking major steps to reaching his goals.

In his opinion, “The Ask Method Masterclass was head and shoulders above other courses I’ve taken. When I think about the depth of the training in the Masterclass, it just doesn’t even compare to the others”

According to Sri, the key to his eventual success came through the practice of going through the Deep Dive Survey.

Hey says, “I can’t believe what I’m learning from these responses. The information I’m getting from the survey doesn’t exist anywhere!”

After following a few instructions, Sri took those responses and started using them in his marketing.

THE RESULTS - "I’ve gotten 1,800 leads so far!"

Sri took some big steps right away to improve his message.

Before he applied what he was learning, “all I had was my website with a popup that barely converted at 2%”.

Like most standard websites, “people would look around and read the site, and if I got lucky they would schedule a coaching session.”

But that was all about to change.

“After I created the landing page using the Ask Method and the messaging from the Deep Dive Survey, there was a big difference.”

Sri’s landing page had skyrocketed his conversions from a barely manageable 2% to an astounding 50% with over 1,800 leads generated so far.


He adds, “Now I know I can generate leads whenever I want.”

More importantly, now Sri can make a positive impact on more people’s lives.

FUTURE GROWTH - "I want to sell life-changing products to go with my coaching..."


Sri knows he can only go so far with one on one coaching.

He says, “I want to sell life-changing products to go with my coaching.”

And he’s already begun taking steps to make this goal a reality.

“I’ve been using the email swipes to build a followup sequence, and creating sales pages for my products.”

When asked why he would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

Sri says, “this is the most comprehensive training program I have ever seen. Everything is thorough – the videos, the training support materials, and the Ask Method Specialists.”

“If a person comes in and manages their expectations and puts in the hard work, I know they’ll be successful.”

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