ASK Success Story: Seth Greene


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Seth has a marketing company for financial advisors. He was looking to get more clients and improve his services for them.


After implementing the Ask Method successfully for clients, Seth decided to run a Deep Dive Survey for his own business and launched a new revenue stream based on the response.


Seth has already generated over $240K and is on track to do $1 million in the next 12 months.

THE PROBLEM - "I didn't know what my market wanted..."

Seth’s company offers marketing services for financial advisors.

At first, Seth was offering a done-for-you service that included driving traffic through podcasts and free book offers.

It was frustrating because Seth felt that “we were leaving money on the table and didn’t know where it was or how to get it.”

Seth wanted to offer other services for his clients but wasn’t entirely sure what they wanted.


Seth saw other firms who were charging higher prices more successfully: “They weren’t offering our service but they were offering their own and I knew that we had stuff, that we could do stuff that was better than what they were doing”.

But Seth needed feedback from his market to determine exactly what that would be.

THE ACTION - "We should be doing this for ourselves.”

Seth heard about the Ask Method from friends in Ryan’s high-level ELITE mastermind.

He bought the book “Ask” and the software, and began implementing for clients: “We had started off building some surveys, building some Ask funnels for them and that’s how I learned it.”

Very quickly Seth realized, “We should be doing this for ourselves. This is how to find out where the money is that we’re leaving on the table, and what to offer people, and how to sell it to them.”


Seth does not consider himself super technical, but using Ryan’s method he was able to work quickly: “I built our first DDS in, I don’t know, less than half an hour.”

Seth hit send on his Deep Dive Survey and the responses came flooding in.

THE TURNING POINT - "The DDS let us know that there was more that they wanted and they were willing to pay for it.”

With a few hundred DDS responses, and after doing 20 or 30 phone calls, Seth was able to realize where the real demand in his market was.

He created a VP service to give people what they wanted, “basically a marketing department in a box. They hire us and we become their entire marketing department and we do everything for them.”

This one was of the easiest offers to make because “we knew what they wanted, and we knew why they wanted it, and how they wanted it.”


For Seth, this was an eye-opening experience.

THE RESULTS - "We already generated $240k"

Within just a few weeks of launching his new VP service, Seth was busy delivering exactly what his market needed, to the tune of $240,000 in revenue.

Since his new service was tailor-made to answer the most pressing need of his audience, it quickly became the main service in his business.


Seth says that doing the Deep Dive Survey uncovered “an entire new line of business for us that’s 5X the price of our normal service that we didn’t know existed!”

FUTURE GROWTH - "It could grow to a much larger business than that"


Now, Seth is focusing on the VP service he created, which is the best fit for his market and is already generating the most revenue for his company.

He believes it will “literally generate over $1,000,000 in sales for us over the next 12 months!”

And it’s only going to grow from there: “It’s just going to be question of how fast we scale.”

When asked why he would recommend the Ask Method, Seth’s answer is simple: “It no longer makes sense to do business without it.”

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