ASK Success Story: Ryan McKenzie


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Ryan has a long-standing seven figure business which includes a hiking and survival print magazine that he was looking to sell online via cold traffic.


Ryan joined the Ask Method Masterclass, started implementing the methodology immediately, and started to experience some incredible results for a "difficult" niche.


Ryan add 20,000 segmented subscribers to his list and $26,000 in sales since launching. He's now on the path to one million dollars a year in revenue from this ONE funnel.

THE PROBLEM - “That was basically it, not knowing what people wanted…”

Ryan runs a seven-figure media company and was looking to grow the subscriptions for his print magazine called “Explore” – an outdoor adventure magazine geared towards Canadians.

While trying to grow his print subscription base, he struggled (as most companies in the print industry do) with trying to break even on the paid traffic side no matter what he tried…

And he already had a ton of experience running paid traffic!

Not being able to ensure a constant flow of leads and customers was preventing him from scaling the print side of his business.

As Ryan puts it, his biggest problem was, “not knowing what people wanted and different self-limiting beliefs on what I felt people would pay for certain things I offered.”


He also knew the odds were against him, that “typically, most print magazines are struggling.”

He was so focused on just getting the subscriber that he “didn’t think about the other supporting revenue that would allow me to get those subscribers profitably.”

Ryan adds, “Instead of picking up all the change that’s on the side of the road on the way to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…”

“I was just going straight for that pot of gold and not collecting any of the money that just happened to be laying there along the way.”

THE ACTION - "Ah, this is actually really cool stuff!"

Ryan had read Ryan Levesque’s book “Ask” on a recommendation and he put together what he could from just reading the book… 

“I wound up doing alright with some of the things I learned there with the organic traffic that I had coming to our sites.”

Eventually an opportunity came to join Ryan’s Levesque’s Next Level Mastermind where he would be able to network with (and get feedback from) successful marketers who implement the Ask Method in their own businesses…

So he jumped on it right away.

And after seeing all the value he received in the NLM group, he decided to stick around thinking, “How could I not stay here for 100 bucks a month?” People pay $500 or more for a crappy college course that’s useless.”

Ryan knew that the Ask Method was the real deal.

So once the opportunity came along to join the Ask Method Masterclass and deepen his knowledge about the methodology, Ryan didn’t have to think much about it.

“After being in NLM and seeing everything, it was just like, “Okay, I need to do this.”


When the Masterclass started, Ryan quickly deployed his first Deep Dive Survey to get to know his existing customers better…

And he didn’t have to wait long to get the clarity he was looking for.

“The information that a business can gather by doing a Deep Dive Survey is game-changing because you know whether you’re in the right game or if you’re doing something that the market has ZERO interest in.”

THE TURNING POINT - "It was easy...You've done this. Now do this.”

Ryan found the step-by-step format of the Masterclass easy to follow, keeping in mind that “Done is better than perfect.”

And he really appreciated the expertise of the Ask Method Specialists, saying “It’s been nice to have people that know what they’re doing and aren’t just giving me off-the-cuff ideas that they have floating around.”

When it comes to a more “difficult” industry like offline print magazines, Ryan welcomed the advice he received.

“Everything’s vetted, tested ideas and tested suggestions that are going to help improve what I’m doing.”


With help from the Specialists, the training he completed in the Masterclass, and his intense drive to succeed, Ryan quickly built out his first Quiz Funnel and started running traffic to it immediately.

THE RESULTS - “It's given me the insight to see what people need or want…”

In just 5 weeks, Ryan generated over 20,000 new email subscribers, with about a 50% opt-in rate.

As for sales, the number is at 1,176 sales and counting, which is approximately $26,000 in revenue.

And since Ryan continues to optimize this funnel, that number is continuing to grow.


As Ryan says, “I’m at a point right now where we’re actually growing our print subscriber base, which, in a time when most media company subscriptions are declining, is fairly unheard of.”

And he couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s “not only profiting on the front end, I also know how to generate revenue on the back end based on what I understand from my Deep Dive Survey.”

The Ask Method has done two things for Ryan: “It’s given me the insight to see what people need or want. And it’s allowed me to overcome that self-limiting belief that it’s difficult to sell.”

FUTURE GROWTH - “My magic number is excess of a million dollars in revenue.”


Now that he has a funnel that converts, Ryan is looking to scale and expand in a MASSIVE way.

He has his sights set on scaling this funnel to $2,734 a day and $1 million in yearly revenue from this one funnel…

And with the results he’s already achieved so far, it doesn’t look like anything will stop him from getting there.

Ryan plans to launch two new products in the next month and a third product very soon, all of which he’ll be building Ask Method funnels for.

When asked about the number one reason he’d recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

Ryan explains, It’s just such an end-to-end solution from learning what your customer wants to delivering it to them. It’s basically a business in a box!”

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