ASK Success Story: Peter Li


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Peter has a successful offer in the Astrology niche, and was looking to launch a new offer using paid advertising. He needed a step-by-step process to follow to build a high converting funnel on cold traffic.


With personalized feedback from Ryan and the team of Ask Method specialists, Peter worked fast to launch a new Quiz Funnel to gather leads, and was surprised beyond all his expectations.


With over 9,000 leads in less than 7 days, Peter now has a warmed up launch list for a new product he is about to release and he knows the Quiz he built has the potential to be a 7 figure funnel.

THE PROBLEM - "The different elements of the funnel didn’t match up..."

Peter works for a publishing company whose main offer is in the Astrology niche.

They have a successful funnel that the team had built and tested frequently over the past 3 years.

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However, in terms of message and design, Peter felt that the different elements of the funnel didn’t match up since so many team members had worked on it and built it without any guiding methodology.

He noticed the funnel’s performance declining over time and was looking for a specific methodology where he could confidently launch a new product using paid advertising and build a funnel that would perform more consistently over the long term.

THE ACTION - “Joining the Masterclass was a No-Brainer”

Peter had been introduced to Ryan Levesque’s work a few years ago, however it wasn’t until he read the book “Ask” that he was convinced that the Ask Method was the way to go for his next funnel.

He realized that in creating the funnel, “We had assumed a lot of things about our market, so it was pretty refreshing to read about the methodology in the book…this just makes sense, right?

Dive deep, find out what they really want, find out what buckets they fall into and then give them what they want.”

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And while Peter knew that the Ask Method was the right choice, he didn’t take action until he met Ryan in person at a live event.

They sat down at dinner and Ryan mentioned, “I’ve got something really BIG coming up…keep your eye out.”

And, as Peter recalls, “a week later, the Masterclass launched and I was like, I’m in, 100%!”

THE TURNING POINT - “Having that coaching call with Ryan where he gave me specific feedback on my funnel was what got me motivated.”

Peter says that watching the video training modules, getting feedback in the Ask Method forum, and asking Ryan questions on the coaching calls made it easy to “go back and forth” from learning and implementing the feedback.

He really enjoyed “Knowing that you’ll get a response from someone (Ryan and the team of Ask Method Specialists) as opposed to just throwing it out there and hoping someone will respond to you.”

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Peter liked the fact that the 10 week Implementation Workshop was split into smaller 2 week sprints because it made it easier to remain focused and achieve each milestone, and he also liked how everything was divided into even smaller daily tasks.

For Peter, giving a brief update on his progress during the Daily Stand Ups gave him the feeling of accountability, and he says, “It’s encouraging to send something out and then having people give you such valuable feedback.”

The team of Ask Method Specialists (Russell Lundstrom in particular) helped Peter make the necessary changes and improve his funnel at every stage of the process.

And on one particular coaching call, Ryan critiqued Peter’s Quiz Funnel and helped him clarify the copy of his opt-in step that led to an increase of 217% in conversions.

THE RESULTS - "9,000 leads at $0.15 per less than 7 days!"


Peter built a new landing page and quiz based on the feedback he received from the Ask Method Specialists and from Ryan.

The Deep Dive Survey process made him realize that he needed to create a new product, however, that didn’t stop him from making progress.

He launched his Quiz Funnel without a product to sell and focused on just collecting leads.

After launching his funnel, he generated 9,000 leads, at $0.15 per lead in less than 7 days.

And the conversion rates were off the charts: 80-90% of people taking the quiz, and 57% of people ultimately giving their name and email address.

Peter was blown away by the results, which validated the demand in the market for this new product.

Peter says that the key was being able to “dive deep into the market, see what buckets (groups of people with a specific need) there are, get that consumer language from the survey to help write the landing page copy, and come up with the questions for my quiz.”

FUTURE GROWTH - “Easily a 5-figure product launch!”


So what’s next for Peter? Right now, he’s developing a new product based on what he learned from the Deep Dive Survey and will be launching it to his list of 9,000 hot leads very soon.

He’s confident it’s going to be a hugely successful 5 figure product launch that will fund his next Facebook campaign and start converting cold traffic into raving customers.

And Peter says that anyone can accomplish the same thing as he did, “As long as you follow along…and definitely use the resources that are available…I don’t see how you can’t walk away without a profitable funnel. You’ve just got to do the work, trust the method, trust the process”.

And for anyone who still has doubts, he says, “Just start off with the Ask Method and you’re going to be ten steps ahead of your competition.”

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