ASK Success Story: Muki Pederson


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Muki is a health coach with unrivalled passion when it comes to helping people lose weight through a plant-based diet. She had previously invested in several online courses but she struggled to get results.


When Muki joined the Ask Method Masterclass, with help from the team of Ask Method Specialists, she was able to gain the confidence she needed to overcome her obstacles and start seeing success.


Muki was able to generate over 1,000 email subscribers for only $0.77 by running Facebook ads to her quiz...and now she’s gearing up to build and optimize her entire Quiz Funnel.

THE PROBLEM - “I felt guilty. I paid all this money (on other coaching programs) and didn’t see the results.”

Muki wanted to build an online business so that she could spread her message and help more people.

And she invested in several high-end courses on building lists, launching funnels & driving traffic to help her accomplish that goal.

And despite having all of these programs on hand, Muki had a hard time implementing: “I was just trying to build up my audience, but I didn’t know what to do.”

Muki_CS gfx_070616_money results

Her confidence was at an all-time low. As she says, “I just could not finish implementing it so I felt like I was a loser…I felt guilty. I paid all this money (on other coaching programs) and didn’t see the results.”

Unsure about her market and unable to create an offer that resonated with her audience, Muki knew she had to find something different – the right foundation to support her passion.

THE ACTION - “My biggest ‘Aha!’ moment”

Muki heard about Ryan Levesque’s book “Ask” from another marketer she had subscribed to. She got the book, and thought, “Wow, this is very interesting.”

Using the book as a guide, she was able to verify her market using the “Greenlight Project Checklist” bonus inside the book.

Muki_CS gfx_070616_greenlight

But she wasn’t sure how to take the next step. So when the Ask Method Masterclass opened, Muki saw the opportunity to move forward. She thought to herself, “Yeah, I can make this work so I’m going to sign up.”

Here’s how Muki describes the day she enrolled…

It wasn’t all peachy for Muki even after joining the Masterclass: “I was feeling a little embarrassed…you know because everybody seems so successful…”

Yet Muki explains how instead of feeling sorry for herself, she dove head first into the material, asked questions, posted updates, and gave everyone a heads up on every step of her progress.

THE TURNING POINT - “Is this even realistic?”

When Muki started running ads to her Deep Dive Survey, she spent around $300…and got no response.

“I was panicking. I was like putting posts up in the forum asking, ‘I have zero test takers. What do I do? What do I do?'”

Aside from not knowing how to write copy, she really hadn’t done ads prior to the Masterclass.

To top it off, she got her ads shut down by Facebook because they thought she was selling adult services and got sidelined for 3 days.

However, no matter how many obstacles were in her way, she kept hearing Ryan’s advice in the training videos, “Emulate then Innovate” and that would inspire her to keep going.

Muki_CS gfx_070616_emulate innovate

So as a Masterclass member, Muki studied the past campaign examples that have worked for different markets as well as the campaigns that were working for the other members in the course.

By emulating the successful ads from other Masterclass members, she was able to adopt the pattern to create a stronger message.

Muki FB Ad

THE RESULTS - “More than a thousand people on my list!”

After 3 days of testing, she finally started getting clicks and people started to convert to the tune of $1.66 per subscriber.

And within a week she got over 420 plus responses on her survey – that’s 120 people more than her existing list and she only did it in a week!

“It did not occur to me until I failed, that I launched…”

Things only got better from there.

After her huge win, not only was she able to launch her full Ask Method funnel out in the wild, and not only was she able to reach 1,000 new subscribers in less than a week, (which is already impressive), she was also able to build her list at just $0.77 per subscriber!

Muki FB Ad Spend UTO small

Muki says the best part of the Masterclass is that “When you ask a question, you DO get answers. All of the Ask Method Specialists and the members are willing to help you out.”

FUTURE GROWTH - “If you really want to see results, you can make that happen..”

Energized from her success, Muki isn’t slowing down for a second. She says, “I would love to improve the quiz,” adding images and optimizing it.

She’s also realized that doing copy and technical stuff isn’t her strength, and she can make things happen better and faster by outsourcing–an important lesson that will speed up her ability to get things done in future.

Muki_CS gfx_070616_hard work

For Muki, the key words are hard work and determination.

As she says, “If you really want to see results and you are a hard worker, you can make that happen by joining the Masterclass.”

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