ASK Success Story: Martin Oguzie


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Martin runs a successful brick-and-mortar optometry business. He joined the Ask Method Masterclass to learn how to expand his business to the online world.


Martin followed the steps in the course to create his first Ask Method segmentation funnel.


From no list to 500 leads and a conversion rate of 34%, Martin is happy with his successful transition online.

THE PROBLEM - "...all the gurus and options out there..."

Martin is an optometrist with a brick-and-mortar business in the UK called Vision First Opticians.

For years, he had considered creating “an income… doing something online” and he had listened to “a lot of podcasts and things… business books on Audible”.

Then, early in the year, Martin realized that “rather than trying to do something totally different or leave my industry, I could actually stay with what I know and try to find opportunities within that.”

But then the question remained: How?

Because there wasn’t a lack of people offering advice.

“With all the gurus and options out there, it’s actually about finding what’s the most impactful and the most effective courses to choose.”


It wasn’t until Martin was introduced to the Ask Method (on a popular podcast) and heard about success stories from various offline businesses that everything started to click for him.

He decided to take action and enrol in the Ask Method Masterclass.

THE ACTION - "It just seems like a no-brainer!"

Martin signed up for the Ask Method Masterclass with the goal of expanding his reach by building an online business in a systematic way.

He observes that “there’s a lot of brick and mortar businesses trying to host things on social media and all this kind of stuff in an attempt to market using the internet, but there’s no backend stuff built into it.”

He didn’t just want an online presence, he wanted a full system to generate online revenue.

He says, “I just wanted to really get the skills to be able to build the kind of backend funnels and things like that to really give a purpose to to my marketing and social media efforts.”


In Martin’s words, “it kind of resonates with you, to be able to ask people what they want and deliver it to them.”

“While most people are only talking about strategies or secrets or things like that, the Ask Method just seems quite refreshing, actually. It just makes sense”

THE TURNING POINT - “A lot more depth than what I was expecting...”

Once Martin enrolled in the Masterclass, he got right to work.

And he got more than he was expecting: “I wasn’t expecting all the in-depth tutorials, all this kind of stuff.”

And as he built his funnel, he enjoyed “the ongoing support, really, and the way that it was quite practical.”

“You could actually leave the program with an actual achievement rather than just theoretical things.”


Martin created and released a FREE PDF Guide and Quiz combination that helped his audience sooth their dry eyes.

And his favorite part?

“The validation that comes having no list to having people actually sign up for your offer.”

THE RESULTS - "In many ways it over-delivered for me."

With his Ask Method funnel, new online offerings, five hundred leads, and a whole lot of insights later…

Martin can’t contain his excitement about how much the Masterclass has exceeded his expectations.

He now feels empowered as he expands his business online, and also feels like he just has a better handle on the market he has been in for several years.

He says, “I definitely feel a lot clearer about how I can use the Ask Method to build up my offline business.”


All this new insight from the Ask Method means a new relationship with his clients: “I can develop exactly what they need and what they want.”

And there were added benefits on the side. Martin’s wife used to be the more savvy of the two when it comes to online business.

She is a project manager, and she has an online bridal wear business.

Martin reports that his new skills from the Ask Method Masterclass are “also helping her to be more effective”, making it a double-win for their family.

FUTURE GROWTH - "There's potential here."


Martin is only just beginning. He sees a wide open field for online optometry services.

The niche he has identified “is a market where there isn’t anything online that serves people”.

And he believes “there’s a lot of people who would probably feel like they’ve tried a lot of the options out there”.

So for all those people who “are struggling on” with dry eyes, Martin hopes to better serve them as he scales his business.

Because after going through the Masterclass, Martin is confident he now has “the strategies and a path” to make that dream a reality by delivering “what people really want, in a way that’s scalable.”

Summing up his Masterclass experience, Martin says: “It’s a great way to actually learn quickly and get results. There aren’t many online courses that can say the same.”

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