ASK Success Story: Marina Kogler


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Marina started her business to help other healers to open and grow their own practices. She joined the Ask Method Masterclass to take her business to the next level.


Marina used the Ask Method to discover that she had an entire segment of her audience that she wasn’t currently speaking to.


Marina generated over $11,000 during her launch, and was able to leave her day job and start working full time on her own business.

THE PROBLEM - "I wanted something that would run by itself."

Marina runs a site called that helps spiritual and heart-based healers in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland to build their virtual practices.

She had joined a few different Masterminds in the past to grow her business.

And while she enjoyed them, something was always missing.

She says, “They did provide assistance, but I just wanted to have something that can actually run by itself, and that it is not so much guesswork all the time.”

“My dream is to build a really cool segmentation funnel like Ryan Levesque has with the orchid business, and then it just runs all by itself. This would be the best thing ever.”


So, with a focus on building passive income, Marina looked for another solution.

THE ACTION - "My favorite part is connecting the systems...”

After taking the Wealth Dynamics test, Marina discovered that she’s a Mechanic, and wanted a program that would focus on the “systems side of things.”

Marina heard about the Ask Method through a recommendation from Jon Morrow: “I could relate so much to Ryan Levesque and what he was teaching.”


It also helped her decision that so many amazing people endorsed the Ask Method, like Eben Pagan, and Justin Livingston, and Jon Morrow.

“I really trust Jon Morrow; I have been in his programs for a while, and what he recommends is just legit.”

The systems aspect of the Ask Method appealed to Marina, and she signed up for the Masterclass.

THE TURNING POINT - "What a huge difference this is going to make!”

Once Marina joined the Masterclass, she got swept up in the engaged, supportive community.

She says “the support… I was really impressed. You post something, and then you got so much feedback, and everyone really cared, and wanted to help you.”

She also said the guidance and feedback from the Ask Method Specialists made a huge difference for her: “super, super helpful, and there were so many of them”.

Marina also says that she could “totally relate to Ryan when he said you put a lot of work in at first, and then have it run. As he said, ‘I work hard, so I can be lazy.'”

While it initially took Marina longer than expected to get her Deep Dive Survey off the ground, she was extremely happy when she started seeing the responses coming in from her audience (describing in detail their current challenges).

She says, “after you’ve got it and you have analyzed it, it is like the Best Thing Ever.”


The Deep Dive Survey helped Marina realize that she had another segment of her audience that she was not speaking to: people who hadn’t yet started their businesses.

She says that after she made that discovery, “I could really tailor and customize everything to those 2 groups”

“This made a big difference, and it is not over; I still have them. I can still create products and launch it to them… and keep them engaged, because they have different needs.”

THE RESULTS - Over $11,000 in sales!

Before the Masterclass, Marina says, “The biggest challenge I had was not having time, because my day job was still prominent in my life”.

And now?

Marina recently quit her day job and “switched to full-time in June this year” to put all of her focus on her business.

On her first launch using the Ask Method, Marina had her first five-figure month, generating over $11,000 in sales.


Marina’s results even won her a FREE ticket to attend Ryan Levesque’s $10k Ask Method Intensive in Austin, Texas where she’ll be taking her business to the next level with Ryan and his team of Specialists.

FUTURE GROWTH - "It is just upward from here..."


So what’s next for Marina?

She’s currently planning a new launch early next year, with an upgraded offer for personal coaching as well.

She has a renewed focus on building her list, because she sees huge potential in her market.

As for her decision to join the Masterclass…

Marina says, “I’m so happy that I am part of it at the ground level. This is going to be the future of marketing.”

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