ASK Success Story: Marco Scabia


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Marco is a Product Launch Expert in Italy who’s looking to turn his product launches into evergreen funnels that scale.


Even with a late start in the Masterclass, Marco got up to speed quickly and overcame several difficult challenges plus a looming launch date.


Marco proved that by adding the ASK Method to his experience with the Product Launch Formula, he could create MASSIVE paydays by generating $50,000 in just 7 days.

THE PROBLEM - "I want higher conversions so I can build my list with cold traffic."

Marco teaches entrepreneurs in Italy how to run their businesses online, and had nearly doubled his own business each year.

But Marco’s price point has always been on the higher end, at $1,000 and up.

He says, “It’s difficult to scale traffic with low conversions on high ticket sales.”

In Marco’s experience, “as long as I keep the budget low, I can slowly build the list and use launches to stay profitable. Once I start to scale, I quickly go into the red.”


Even though he’s a self-described “launch-aholic” and a master at the Product Launch Formula, Marco wanted a breakthrough with cold traffic.

Business was good, but Marco knew it could be great.

THE ACTION - "I can add segmentation to create higher conversions..."

When Ryan spoke about using micro-commitments and segmentation to drive higher conversions, Marco knew the Ask Method was the logical next step for his business.

He says, “What attracted me to the Ask Method was the possibility to create a more uniform revenue with evergreen funnels throughout the year.”

As far as Marco is concerned, “Combining the Ask Method with Product Launch Formula creates the most powerful marketing tool around.”


“I knew right away that adding the Ask Method would take my funnels to the next level”.

THE TURNING POINT - "The Deep Dive Survey showed four distinct paths for my audience..."

Marco’s extensive marketing experience was about to pay off.

The Ask Method Masterclass started while he was away on vacation, so he could only sneak in a little bit of training at a time.

“The Ask Method Masterclass goes very deep, so I was thankful for the Sprint outlines and small groups in guiding my efforts. Especially when it comes to executing the Deep Dive Survey.”

“I was able to move through it very quickly even when it became difficult.”

Marco had previously done a Deep Dive Survey from reading the Ask book, but knew his analysis had been far from perfect.


“After I watched Ryan Levesque analyze the results of his survey, I knew I was cheating in analyzing my own results before. Now I found myself going in and completely understanding my audience.”

With the new Deep Dive Survey, Marco now had compelling copy for his landing page, the quiz question, and his sales scripts.

His message was laser targeted.

“After the Ask Method Masterclass, now I know I’m really speaking to my audience.”

Marco also knows the money is in the follow up.

He says, “I created 4 customized paths and email sequences, then also created segmented ad retargeting.”

The pieces were in place. Now all Marco had to do was hit the launch button.

THE RESULTS - I got a much bigger response than I expected!

Marco’s #1 goal is to create evergreen and automated funnels.

“The conversions and response to this launch was much bigger than I originally expected.”

Marco’s original assumption that the Ask Method would improve his funnels was proving to be correct.

Instead of a test launch, it turned into his second biggest launch of the year.

“Adding the Ask Method to my normal style of PLF helped me earn over $50,000 in revenue in the 7 day launch.”


He adds, “Now I have the framework in place for an evergreen funnel.”

Marco’s #1 goal of building evergreen funnels into his business model was a complete success.

FUTURE GROWTH - "Evergreen funnels and unlimited growth...”


Marco continues to move forward with his first successful launch and will transform it into an evergreen offer that will allow him to scale indefinitely.

He says, “My goal is to help 100,000 Italian entrepreneurs succeed online.”

And he has no plans of playing the guessing game with his audience either.

When asked why he would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

Marco says, “The single biggest reason to go through this Masterclass is to learn to read the mind of your prospect, which is the most important thing in marketing.

You cannot just create compelling products and marketing campaigns if you’re always guessing what your prospect thinks.You have to understand them and interact with them.”

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