ASK Success Story: Lex Case


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Lex started the website to help home gardeners grow better organic tomatoes.


Lex took full advantage of the community inside The Ask Method Masterclass and launched his first successful online marketing campaign.


Lex grew his list from ZERO to over 2,000 segmented subscribers and has already begun to make consistent sales with his Ask Method funnel.

THE PROBLEM - "I had nowhere to go for feedback on my marketing attempts..."

Lex recently launched the home gardening version of an organic soil product he’s been selling to commercial farmers for the last 6 years.

Like most new ventures, entrepreneurs are faced with unexpected challenges.

In Lex’s case…

It was his online marketing.


As Lex recalls, “My first attempts at building a funnel were complete failures. I was following all this advice, but the only feedback I was getting came from zero sales.”

While Lex had invested in some great training to get his marketing off the ground, he says, “I was still relying on hope.”

And Lex knew hope wouldn’t be enough.

THE ACTION - “I knew I had do something different.”

Lex first heard about ASK from an unexpected source: his old wrestling partner and Internet Marketing celebrity Russell Brunson.

When he saw the first video from the Ask Masterclass launch, “a lightbulb went off. I realized this was obviously the best way to market my product.”

The videos in the Masterclass launch described Lex’s challenges to a T.


Even though Lex now had a blueprint for positioning and marketing his product, “I still needed help making it work.”

That help materialized through the ASK community.

THE TURNING POINT - “The support I got from the community made a huge difference!”

Lex found the checklist format of the Ask Masterclass easy to follow, but got the most value from the support he received going through the program.

To Lex, “the way the Ask Masterclass is laid out was perfect for someone like me who’d tried a few things unsuccessfully and didn’t really know what to do.”

Another helpful point for Lex, was “not only is there a checklist to work off of, but you get to work with people who already know what they’re doing.”


And it wasn’t just the Ask Method Specialists who got Lex on track.

“Everybody’s super helpful even if they’re not a specialist. I’ve gotten tons of good advice from different people in the class.”

Finally, Lex felt like he wasn’t going it alone.

THE RESULTS - "I generated over 2,000 leads and $665 in orders!"

Before the Ask Masterclass, Lex says “my list had zero people on it.”

Within about a week of launching his Deep Dive Survey, Lex had built his list to 755 subscribers and survey responses.

Armed with this collection of intelligence, Lex was ready to build his quiz funnel.

18 days after launching his single segmentation quiz, Lex had added another 1,400+ segmented subscribers to his marketing list…

And generated his first $665 in pre-sale orders!


“I feel great about what’s happening now”, Lex says. “From zero sales to sales every day, and I’m learning more and more about what my customers want.”

Now Lex is focused on perfecting his message and growing his customer base.

FUTURE GROWTH - "There are MILLIONS of gardeners who can use my products..."


Lex sees massive potential with his product.

As he puts it, “There are millions of gardeners who can use my products. Once I get the tomato funnel perfected, I can go into peppers, fruit trees, flowers, and beyond.”

As far as Lex is concerned, the sky truly is the limit.

When asked why he would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

Lex says “I’m pretty convinced there’s no better long-term way to run your business other than asking your customers what they want and then giving it to them. You find out what your market pain points are and you solve those problems. There’s no other way to do it in my mind.”

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