ASK Success Story: J.R. Noble


ASK Success Story Snapshot


J.R. teaches music producers how to improve their tracks with his website


Following the sprints from the Ask Method Masterclass, J.R. was able to quickly build his funnel with a strong marketing message that connects with his audience.


J.R. got clear on his market, and took his list from 40 people to over 1,500 segmented subscribers after launching his survey funnel.

THE PROBLEM - "I would watch the days go by and get almost nothing done."

J.R. recently launched a business that teaches music producers the ins and outs of consistently completing quality tracks.

But his business wasn’t always this focused.

While J.R. knew he wanted to run an online business, “I kept finding myself in the wrong markets. I was doing biz opp and network marketing, but I always knew it wasn’t for me.”

To make matters worse, J.R. found himself going down one rabbit hole after another with different training programs.


Rather than learning to grow his business, “I was in multiple master minds, going to conventions, attending workshops, and taking course after course to learn different tactics.”

“I would get stuff done, but at the end I was left wondering… what do I do next?”

Finally, J.R. would discover that he could start a business around his passion: music.

But he would need more than just a few online marketing tactics to be successful.

For J.R., “music has always been a huge part of my life.”

“Once I started focusing on building my business around that, I could finally see why I had been spinning my wheels for so long.”

THE ACTION - "I could either struggle for another year… or get started right now."

J.R. first heard about Ryan Levesque and the Ask Method “from a buddy of mine at the No Excuses Summit.”

“He had the Ask book and said I should get it.”

But that wasn’t what convinced him to check it out.

He says, “I was listening to the Ben Settle Copy Slacker course to come up with ideas for selling my first music training program, and he mentioned Ryan and Ask. Now I had to go take a look.”

After getting the Ask book, J.R.realized “this is what I want to implement for these music producers.”

“The concept of Ask made so much sense.”


When the Masterclass opened up, J.R. knew it was go time.

Now that J.R. had his first music course sketched out, it was time to “figure out who I’m talking to, and what I should be saying to them.”

And it was clear: “The Masterclass would give me the guidance to do this, so I wouldn’t have to keep trying to figure out how to do it all on my own.”

THE TURNING POINT - “Breaking up my goals into tasks made success possible.”

J.R. wasted no time getting started.

He remembers “I wanted to start so badly, I was trying to sneak in and watch the videos a day early.”

And immediately after the doors opened, “I started going through the training right away and posting in the group. I was 100% committed.”

But J.R. quickly learned the Ask Masterclass wasn’t like any kind of training he’d ever taken before.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with a ton of new information, J.R. took advantage of of the sprints.


He said, “In the beginning,I just charged ahead taking in as much as I could without really following the sprints, which got me confused.”

“But when I stuck with the sprints, I started actually getting things done while seeing what my next steps would be.”

This was a game changer for J.R. because “the Ask Masterclass was structured in a way that didn’t leave me guessing about the next steps, and when I did have questions, I could get them easily from the community and support specialists.”

The accountability from the sprints and community were exactly what J.R. needed.

He was finally getting a high level of productivity.

As J.R. remembers, “It’s crazy to look back at how much I got done in those 10 weeks!”

THE RESULTS - "I generated 1,150 leads and got my first sales!"

J.R. began to reap the rewards of his work right away.

Within 10 weeks, “I accomplished more than I probably would have if I had waited to sign up for the Masterclass.”

One of J.R.’s biggest challenge was always “creating completed funnel that really generated leads.”

The Masterclass, he says, “has helped me overcome that. My list before was literally around 40 people.”

“Now I’ve generated over 1,500 leads and have converted some of them into sales!”


Most importantly, J.R. is creating a stronger message with laser focus.

He says “My connection with understanding these producers pain points is stronger. It’s much more clear for me.”

Now he has a real plan.

FUTURE GROWTH - "I want to create a full blown online music production school..."


J.R. is now armed with more than a few marketing tactics.

In his words, “before I started the Ask Masterclass, I was lacking direction.”

“Now, instead of copy/pasting someone else’s marketing blueprint, I’m able to go directly to the source and create my own.”

And he’s got bigger goals now, too: “Ultimately, I want to create a full-blown online music production school, complete with implementation courses and a supportive community like what Ryan’s built here.”

Now J.R. has a plan to get him there.

When asked why he would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

J.R. says, “It boils down to one thing: direction. Regardless of where you’re coming from in business, the Ask Masterclass gives you a focus.”

“It kind of steers you into a lane, and it’s like, here, do this for now, and then you can figure out how you can re-apply it to something else. So it gives you amazing direction.”

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