ASK Success Story: Jamie McKean


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Jamie, who runs a successful marketing agency, introduced his long time client (a Forex trading coach at to the Ask Method, after solving other problems in his business.


After running a Deep Dive Survey, Jamie found 4 different segments of his client's market, one of which stood out head and shoulders above the rest.


Offering a free course based on the main bucket increased opt-in rate by four times, and doubled conversions (without ANY extra ad spend)!

THE PROBLEM - "We had to fix other parts of his business first."

Jamie runs a successful agency (, which designs funnels and optimization strategies for 7 and 8 figure businesses.

Jamie has been working with a client in the Forex coaching market for almost five years.

His client was feeling overwhelmed by too many customer tickets, which was distracting him from his trading.

After Jamie implemented a Knowledge Base and a Support Desk, it reduced his client’s support hours from 20 hours a week down to a couple of hours a week.

Jamie then automated all of his client’s marketing and product delivery, which freed up more of his client’s time.


The next step was to convince the client to use that extra time to focus on implementing the Ask Method.

As Jamie says, “My client wouldn’t have been ready for it at the beginning. We had to fix other parts of his business first.”

THE ACTION - When the Masterclass first opened, he jumped right in.

Jamie has been part of Ryan’s Next Level Mastermind (one of the most vibrant paid masterminds in the online marketing space with over 1,800 active members) for about 18 months.

And when the Ask Method Masterclass first opened, Jamie jumped right in.

His goal was to become an Ask Method expert: “The Masterclass goes deeper into the methodology…I want to consume everything there is to know about it.”


And when it came to implementing the Ask Method for his Forex client, Jamie took the first step and sent out a Deep Dive Survey to his client’s email list to help uncover their #1 challenge at the moment.

THE TURNING POINT - One of the buckets stood out above the rest...

The Deep Dive Survey got 779 responses, which allowed Jamie to segment the responses into 4 categories (also known as “buckets”).

He saw that one of the buckets stood out head and shoulders above the rest…

His client’s audience was missing a Forex strategy that works.


So Jamie asked, “What’s the very best strategy you teach that will give people results, and will also help them see your coaching in action, and increase the likelihood of them buying your main course?”

They packaged that strategy as a free course and got it up and running in about a week.

THE RESULTS - Their sales conversion doubled!

The new strategy now returns 4 times more opt-ins every single day, without spending any extra on traffic.

And in terms of sales, the conversion rate doubled for people buying his main course after adding the free course:


“Not only have we got 4 times the number of leads coming in, but we’ve just multiplied the actual conversion.”

Doing the math, that’s EIGHT TIMES better results since implementing the Ask Method.

FUTURE GROWTH - Implement the Ask Method with every client


As a consultant who works with clients, Jamie’s in a great position to implement the Ask Method.

He says, “Sometimes it takes time to convince the clients it’s worthwhile. But once they agree, and they see the results, they’re blown away.”

Jamie’s next steps for this client are to identify improvements in the current funnel and continue to optimize…

And he also wants to meet his goal of implementing the Ask Method with every client, because he believes that the results speak for themselves:

“I recommend Ask if you seriously want your online marketing to work. You’re willing to do the work and you’re looking to follow something that’s potentially going to shortcut your learning of every aspect of online marketing.”

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