ASK Success Story: James Scott Alexander


ASK Success Story Snapshot


James created the website where he helps beginner guitarists improve their playing skills.


James fully immersed himself in the training and the community, sharing inspirational messages, and supporting other students while he learned the methodology himself.


James grew his list to 2000 segmented subscribers and generated $275 in pre-order sales within a few short weeks.

THE PROBLEM - "I had no accountability for launching my business..."

James has been teaching guitar lessons for 23 years, but had never transformed his passion and expertise into a scaleable business.

For James, “I’ve always had the big picture in my head, but it became so grand and vague that it kept getting easier to put off actually launching something.”

Instead of having defined goals, he was constantly “taking actions with some far off result in mind.”


Creating a real plan became a priority when James logged into his YouTube account one day and discovered “one of my videos had 100,000 views on it! The problem was… I had no idea why.”

James was at a crossroads with his business: “I could keep trying to figure out how to do things on my own, or find someone to help me gain traction with this momentum.”

James decided to get some help.

THE ACTION - “I’m not going to miss another opportunity to pursue my dream.”

James first discovered the Ask Method on a podcast where one of the guests recommended Ryan Levesque’s book “Ask”.

After reading the book, he knew “asking the right questions was exactly what I was missing. Before, I was just assuming what people wanted.”

But there was still that layer of HOW to turn his ideas and vision into a business.

Then he found the Ask Method Masterclass.

He says, “I knew based on the material from the book, this is the kind of step by step plan I was missing.”

Even though cash flow was extremely tight, James decided “this was a move I had to make.”


Thanks to the step by step instructions in the Masterclass and the support he received from the team of Ask Method Specialists, James was able to get over some early hurdles with building his Deep Dive Survey to start experiencing noticeable progress.

THE TURNING POINT - “The Sprints got me through the Deep Dive Survey, and the responses blew my mind!”

Inside the Ask Masterclass, James was faced with his first challenge: Accountability.

He recalls, “if it wasn’t for the community, the Specialists, and the Sprints, I might not have made it through this.”

But with the carefully designed goals and rigidness of the weekly Sprint Action Plans, “I was able to stay super focused on what had to be done, in the order things needed to be completed.”

That focus is what got James to launch his first Deep Dive Survey.

Engaging his audience was something he’d never done before.

“Seeing those responses come in was surreal at first. I never imagined they’d open up like that. I just didn’t expect it.”


For James, the most exciting part of the process was when “I launched my first ad. I just followed the steps from the course, and within hours of launching, I already saw it getting shared.”

A few days later, James would see his campaign take off.

THE RESULTS - "I generated over 2,000 leads and $275 in pre-sale orders!"

For James, “I could talk about the stuff these guys wanted for hours and hours. But what’s great is now I know WHAT to talk about.”

After getting over 1,200 responses to his Deep Dive Survey, James had more than enough ammo to create his buckets and develop his quiz.

It didn’t take long for James to launch his quiz to cold traffic and generate over 2000 segmented leads and $275 in pre-sale orders of a program he hasn’t even created yet!

This revenue was incredibly motivating for James because it finally validated that he is on the right track with his online guitar business.

“When I tell other guys in my field about these results, they can’t believe it!”, he says.


And this is only the beginning for James…

FUTURE GROWTH - "I’ve already started creating my new video course... "


James has already pre-sold access to the course he’s creating, and his launch is coming together nicely.

On top of the course, the responses from his Deep Dive Survey constantly supply James with new ideas on where to take his business next.

As he puts it, “I’ve had a total paradigm shift. It’s like I was blind, but now I can see exactly what I need to do to build my business.”

When asked why he would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

James says, “It’s all about the process and accountability. Like a playbook that if you follow the steps and you have something valuable to offer, you can avoid getting stuck and wondering if you’re on the right path to making it.”

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