ASK Success Story: Jamal Miller


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Jamal and his wife are the co-founders of a site to help singles and young couples prepare for "all the ups and downs that marriage brings". He was looking to scale the business and make it sustainable.


Jamal used the Ask Method to launch a full blown quiz funnel, which successfully broke even from Day 1.


Jamal generated 10,000 leads in less than 10 days, at a cost of only 15 cents per lead.

THE PROBLEM - “What do I do with them?”

Jamal works with his wife on a site called, designed to “attack the divorce rate by helping people lay a solid foundation.”

They could tell that they were trying to serve 4 different audiences in “one pile”, and they had gotten to the point where they realized they had to segment.

But that still left them with the question of how, who, and what.

Another problem was that after building their audience, they still weren’t making daily sales…

Having to depend on occasional webinars to bring in sales, which left them feeling insecure about the sustainability of their income.


As Jamal puts it, “I was just really tired of having to think ‘Oh my gosh. Hopefully, on this webinar we’ll make X amount of money to cover this week’s expenses.'”

“Versus you knowing you have the ability every day to have something to turn into dollars.”

THE ACTION - "My gosh. This is exactly where I'm at."

At first, Jamal didn’t see how the surveys could fit into his business.

He and his wife were expecting their baby and he says, “I was really conscious on how we spent our money”.

But at the same time, he knew he needed to make a change, to make his business sustainable.

He recalls getting off the phone with his team and saying “If there was a way to segment our audience and learn what they want, I would jump on it.”


Jamal had heard Ryan Levesque as a guest on Pat Flynn’s podcast, and then when he heard about the Ask Method Masterclass, he began watching the free video series that Ryan provided.

His reaction? “I’m just like ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh…. Man this is what I need!”

“That was the moment.”

THE TURNING POINT - "I pressed purchase a few hours after my daughter was born."

Jamal started the Masterclass at a major moment in his life:

“My baby was just born so I was literally sitting in the hospital room after she was born…all night, watching the first video and getting as much as I could in, to begin the process.”

And because his time for this project was limited, Jamal leaned heavily on the step-by-step structure of the Masterclass and the encouragement of the community.

He says, “It was awesome. It was exciting. It was a lot of momentum and it just made you want to push harder and get things done.”


For Jamal, getting a lot of data was not a problem, already having a 20,000+ email list.

It was all about getting “the right data” with his Deep Dive Survey and then knowing how to mine it that made all the difference.

Ultimately, Jamal was able to zero in on his most profitable segment, create a smaller segment from that one, and figure out exactly how to best serve them.

THE RESULTS - "It was an amazing feeling of success!"

Jamal had a goal in mind to use the funnel of the quiz to generate leads for their membership site.

And it succeeded beyond his highest hopes.

His funnel was able to generate 10,000 segmented leads in a week and a half.

Jamal recalls, “I didn’t expect that at all. I didn’t think that at all!”


But it was more than just the numbers for Jamal.

It was “being able to serve our audience in a fun way, in an exciting way through the quiz. It was an amazing feeling of success.”

And because they were making sales while gathering data and driving membership…

They made back everything they spent on ads immediately, thus generating those 10,000 membership leads for ZERO cost.

FUTURE GROWTH - "There’s money in every segment..."


With his first quiz funnel growing and getting more profitable, Jamal has set his sights on applying his new skills to a broader audience.

He says, “The next thing is going to be getting ready to launch surveys for our other segments.”

“There’s money in every segment because now we know the pain.”

Jamal is excited and optimistic saying, “That’s something that’s very, very powerful for us.”

His goal is to quadruple the number of surveys he has running by next year, and scaling into a 1 million dollar company.

And when asked the number one reason he would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

Jamal says, “My whole family, my family’s life has changed, my life has changed and now I’m helping other people’s lives change.”

“If I can encourage you, if you want to know if your business will be profitable or if you don’t yet have a business idea, the Ask Method Masterclass will give you everything you need.”

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