ASK Success Story: Giacomo Freddi


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Giacomo runs multiple online businesses in Italy. His goal was to find a way to scale his business--the faster, the better.


With the help of the Ask Method, Giacomo build out a segmented evergreen funnel that converts cold traffic at 13%.


Over 2000 new leads and 8000 Euros in revenue, with a profitable funnel that continues to generate revenue.

THE PROBLEM - "I wasn’t able to scale..."

Giacomo’s business teaches people about the power of Facebook ads.

For Giacomo, “the biggest frustration was writing copy without knowing exactly what our customers and clients wanted.”

As much as he “tried to think about what my customers really wanted to know,” he just couldn’t get into the minds of his potential customers.

He created funnels – but they only produced a limited number of leads before “they stopped working.” Again and again, Giacomo had to start over from scratch because he wasn’t able to scale.


As he says, “I used to build a funnel every month and send it to my list and do re- targeting and do new Facebook ads. They went well, but they weren’t evergreen.”

On top of that, Giacomo wanted to “try different things and different markets’ niches,” – but he quickly discovered that he couldn’t without knowing “how to best match the language and call to the new market.”

Giacomo was frustrated. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t scale his businesses like he wanted to. He was desperate to find a way to get into his clients’ heads and speak their language.

THE ACTION - "It was the a-ha moment!"

Giacomo had been aware of Ryan Levesque for a long time (“Every marketer talks about him”), but he had never considered joining the Masterclass until…

“When I saw his launch videos of the kind of things he was speaking about, the frustration that was underlined in that videos was the same I was having at the moment.”

Ryan was able to describe Giacomo’s situation perfectly.


“When he talked about scaling and knowing exactly what the customers want, I knew that I had to buy the program.”

THE TURNING POINT - “Things that I didn’t see anywhere else.”

Giacomo jumped right in.

The Ask Method Masterclass provided “way more information” than other courses Giacomo had taken before.

But more than just “information”, the implementation workshop changed all that raw information from a theory to a reality, giving Giacomo a solid plan of action to get him to his goals.


For Giacomo, the Ask Method specialists were the most helpful part of the Ask Method Masterclass.

“I think this is the biggest value of this program, the team that follows you, that helps you when you need, that responds to you.”

With experts guiding him every step of the way, Giacomo had the encouragement and help he needed to launch his first evergreen funnel.

THE RESULTS - "Sales are flowing every day and not slowing down!"

Ever since Giacomo created his first evergreen funnel, “I was able to scale my Facebook ads because I’m raising new conversions every day. Because the funnel works.”

Giacomo now targets multiple audiences with different needs, selling the same product. “That’s the biggest challenge that I overcame thanks to the program.”

By segmenting into buckets, Giacomo “can see clearly how the bucket works and what problem they need to solve and what stage they are in right now.”

And the numbers don’t lie: Over 2000 leads and over 8000 Euros in revenue:


“My funnel is bringing in new money every day. I spent 1.2k euros in advertising – and the return was 2,500.”

Giacomo has doubled his conversion rate: 13% on cold traffic, whereas before the Masterclass it was 7% at best.

FUTURE GROWTH - "People are starting to see me as the big person in this field..."


Giacomo is enjoying his success, as he continues to move forward and scale.

“I am talking about a really hot topic right now, which is Facebook ads. I’m pretty good at it.”

With the kind of leads he’s bringing in, Giacomo’s next goal is “to put in a lot of revenue” and he’s already started building the funnel for his newest idea.

Giacomo is enthusiastic about his Ask Method Masterclass experience:

“It’s basically what Ryan says in the launch video, to know exactly what to market. You will be blown away by the things we are seeing from following this.”

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