ASK Success Story: Georgi Georgiev


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Georgi is just getting started with a brand new funnel in the self-improvement space. His software business is stable so he was looking for a new challenge.


Georgi used the Ask Method to run a Deep Dive Survey and build a Quiz Funnel to start generating leads and sales. He loves that it’s such a data-driven methodology.


Georgi increased his opt-in rate from 15% to 63% with help from the Ask Method Specialists. His short-term goal is to get 500-1000 opt-ins per day.

THE PROBLEM - “Information overload is a big one...”

Georgi already has a successful software business. When he started that business, he was frustrated by the lack of structure and a clear method to follow.

Another problem that Georgi struggled with was information overload.

As he puts it, “I start doing something, and then I get an email from some guru and suddenly I think what I’m doing is wrong. This caused me to start things and not get them finished.”


That’s why, when it came time for a new challenge, Georgi felt that he “needed to work through something and see it until the end.”

He was ready to revisit the idea again and was looking for the best way to get started.

He decided to choose one thing and see it through, which led him to…

THE ACTION - “I liked it, then I forgot about it...”

Georgi was originally attracted to Ryan and the Ask Method because he’s “analytical by nature. I love data.”

The first time Georgi saw Ryan was on a webinar for an early version of his Survey Funnel training. He was very excited about it…and then never followed through.

Geogi_CS gfx_080216_data

A short time later, he was invited to join the Next Level Group Mastermind, where he began working on the Deep Dive Survey for his new business in the self-improvement niche.

And then when he heard about the Ask Method Masterclass, “I was one of the first ten to sign up.”

THE TURNING POINT - "He teaches you WHY this works..."

When Georgi signed up for the Masterclass, he had already gone through the Deep Dive (“What blew my mind was the Deep Dive Survey methodology”) and had created a mind map of what he wanted to do.

And while he waited a bit to jump in, he appreciated that the course gave him a step by step path to follow.

Geogi_CS gfx_080216_step by step

In Georgi’s words, “I don’t remember signing up for a program that’s as thorough or as complete. It actually teaches you how to start a business.”

And his favorite part of the course is the ‘Meta Template’, along with the other scripts. Ryan “teaches you the principles, why this works. From there, you can either use his proven templates, or you can improvise using those principles.”

THE RESULTS - “From 15% to 56% Opt-in rate!”

Once Georgi had his quiz up and running, he began split testing in earnest.

As he puts it, “one thing the Masterclass helped me with was testing ‘screams’ not ‘whispers’.”

(meaning you should always start by testing elements with greatest impact first – different layout, headlines, etc. – before testing minor details)

Geogi_CS gfx_080216_optin rate

Georgi was encouraged to test a text-based page against a video, and after a few simple tweaks made to the ad and landing page during a call with an Ask Method Specialist he saw an overall increase in opt-in rate from 15% to 56%.

Now that he has a quiz funnel up and running and has started gathering leads, as he continues to follow the methodology, success is just a matter of time.

FUTURE GROWTH - “This is how every business should be run.”

Speed Manifestation

Georgi’s next steps, as he continues to optimize his funnel, are to experiment with another quiz angle.

His focus is “100% on making this profitable.” And after that, he plans to create another Quiz Funnel in the same business.

With a potential audience reach in the millions, Georgi should have no trouble reaching his goal of 500-1000 opt-ins per day.

And when asked why he would recommend the Masterclass to others, Georgi says, “this is how I believe every business should be run.”

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