ASK Success Story: Cindy Molchany


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Cindy has a day job working with entrepreneurs on their online businesses. She had an idea for a new business focused on morning routines and wanted to get it off the ground.


During the Masterclass, the Ask Method Specialists challenged Cindy to test her new idea by building a quiz and getting 100 new leads.


Cindy got input from Ryan and the Specialists to build a quiz and got a 50% completion rate on it, giving her 100 new leads and the validation she needs to move forward with her business.

THE PROBLEM - Starting in a brand new niche...

Cindy works with a community of entrepreneurs, helping people with their online businesses.

And she says, “There’s always this undercurrent of the work that we do to grow out a business, the concept of developing good habits and getting in a good mindset.”

Cindy_CS gfx_starting from scratch

With this on her mind, Cindy wanted to start a new business focused on creating positive habits, especially with a morning routine.

Starting from scratch meant that Cindy had no product and no list, and with a small budget was looking for a way to test the market to validate her idea.

THE ACTION - “I’m just going to go for it!”

Cindy was a member of the Next Level Group Mastermind for a few months already, and had also read the book “Ask”.

When the opportunity came up to join the Masterclass, Cindy knew “it was a little bit ahead of where I was ready”, but she knew she wanted to build her new business with a Quiz Funnel.

That’s when she decided, “I’m just going to do it. This is out of my comfort zone. I’m not quite ready with all the details…but I’m just going to go for it.”

Cindy_CS gfx_out of comfort zone

Cindy has created online businesses in different niches before, however she appreciated the opportunity to “really sink my teeth into a different modality of marketing that I wasn’t familiar with.”

In Cindy’s words, “it made so much sense for me to join.”

THE TURNING POINT - “Seeing other people’s results was really motivating...”

When she started the Masterclass, Cindy appreciated the “whole on-boarding process of being brought into the fold and not being left behind. It’s pretty special and pretty unique.”

Comparing the Masterclass to other programs, Cindy notes the level of service and support is unlike any other program she’s seen.

Having the Implementation Workshop allowed Cindy to stay on the right track and know what to do next, and “seeing other people’s results was really motivating…the motivation and accountability and support was my favorite part.”

Cindy_CS gfx_team results

Starting out in a new niche without a community, a product or a list is challenging.

Cindy found herself spending some money on ads in order to really test the market with her Deep Dive Survey, but she says it was worth it, because it “gave me so much more insight than I had on my own.”

As a result of that, Cindy’s direction has “shifted a little bit, but it couldn’t be better.”

Using her Deep Dive Survey results, Cindy put together a quiz.

On one of the coaching calls, Cindy got feedback from Ryan on her idea, and he “spent five minutes helping flesh out the concept which is what I ended up running with… he came up with attaching different styles of morning routine to famous people. That’s where my quiz took shape.”

Cindy_CS gfx_puzzle

Once Cindy had the idea for her quiz, with help from Ryan, she stopped working on the product and turned her focus back to the quiz.

She “dove right into it, did a lot of research, a lot of writing, a lot of thought.”

She built a bare-bones quiz using LeadPages and set up the infrastructure in just a couple of weeks.

THE RESULTS - A finished quiz and 100 new leads

Cindy spent $250 on Facebook ads to launch her quiz, and 4 days later turned off the ads, after getting 104 actual leads.

People also shared her quiz on Facebook, so she got some organic clicks as well.

Cindy_CS gfx_104 leads

This allowed Cindy to validate her idea and get the feedback she needed to build out her product and the rest of her funnel.

And, as a bonus, she put a link on the thank you page to join her Facebook group, and now she has a “Daily Minute Mindset” community that she can leverage in the future.

FUTURE GROWTH - “In the process of developing a product”

Cindy Molchany Site

Cindy’s next step is to develop a morning routine success product, based on the results from her quiz.

Her end goal is to get people into a continuity program with “daily, direct accountability. That’s the vision.”

Once her product is ready, she’ll be re-launching her Quiz Funnel to begin generating revenue.

And she says that the the potential in her niche is huge.

Of her experience with the Masterclass, Cindy says, “It’s not for everybody. If you’re serious and want to up your game then it’s great…it’s a fantastic program and it’s the future.”

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