ASK Success Story: Charlie Wallace


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Charlie runs a site called Guitar Mastery Method. He wanted to remove the guesswork in his marketing and improve his communication with his list of budding Rockstars.


Charlie loved how the Action Plans and ongoing support he received from the Specialists helped him stay focused on his top priority tasks.


Charlie created his entire funnel in a couple of days and built a list of over 5000 segmented leads in only 5 ½ days.

THE PROBLEM - "I was guessing what people wanted instead of knowing..."

Charlie offers online guitar training to Beginner and Intermediate guitarists.

Even though Charlie has a good understanding of online marketing concepts from other online courses he’s taken…

He still felt like he was guessing what people wanted instead of knowing.”

It was frustrating because Charlie would invest a lot of time and energy into creating guitar lessons and courses and would have to wait until the entire sales funnel was live to find out if his offer converted or not.


He says, “I didn’t really have a way of getting that feedback in a way that I felt was significant enough to go by.”

“Either it would go great, good or crap.”

THE ACTION - "The book is basically a post card and the Masterclass is the textbook...”

While watching marketing videos, Charlie came across a marketer he trusted recommending Ryan’s book “Ask”.

He bought the book right away and remembers, I had a whole lot of other books to read. When Ryan’s book arrived the next day, I thought I’ll just read the first chapter, but then I ended up reading the whole thing!”

“It was the first time I ever read a whole book in ONE day!”

Charlie joined Ryan’s Next Level Mastermind shortly after that and while he was getting his feet wet in the group, he noticed a video from one of Ryan’s friends who was promoting the Masterclass.

In the video, he was saying, “the book is basically a post card and the Masterclass is the textbook.”


And since Charlie already resonated with concepts laid out in Ryan’s book…

When he realized that the Masterclass would take the Ask methodology further, it was a no-brainer to sign up.

Charlie remembers, “As soon as I read the book, it was just like so many light bulbs were going off, that there was no way I could NOT sign up!”

“It was the first course I’ve ever purchased where I bought it first and then watched the sales video later!”

THE TURNING POINT - "There's only so much that numbers can tell you...”

Once the Masterclass officially started, Charlie realized that his time was greatly restricted (with a previously planned trip to the States to watch Guns N’ Roses in concert).

With no time to waste, Charlie says, “I just watched the Masterclass videos, got my Deep Dive Survey ready, sent it out to my list, sent two emails, got the responses back, and then I was able to have those on the plane.”

After analyzing the responses on the plane, Charlie quickly realized how powerful the Deep Dive Survey process was to uncovering his audiences BIGGEST challenges.

His days of guessing were finally over.

He says, “There’s only so much that numbers can tell you, and so having the people actually pour their hearts out and tell me what issues they’re actually struggling with was extremely valuable.”


Charlie says the responses were “a real eye-opener in some sense, and in other senses, it just really confirmed down to me what other data had already told me.”

In addition to that, since Copywriting was always an area that Charlie felt he needed to improve, he was thrilled to know that he could just echo his audience’s responses back to them; copy and paste…

As if having his audience spoon-fed him the sales copy to use on his landing pages.

And when it came time to build out his Single Segmentation Quiz, Charlie really appreciated how the Specialists helped him stay on task and focused to meet his strict deadlines.

“Going through the course material is one thing, but having the Specialists give that one-on-one feedback…to be like ‘Hey, no, no, no. Do it exactly like this.’ really cut out all the crap for me and got me focused.”

THE RESULTS - 5,319 segmented leads and counting...

Charlie remembers the day he finished his funnel.

“Going to bed at about 2:30 AM, after working all day and night getting my Single Segmentation Quiz out, clicking send on my first email out, and then going to bed.”

“As I jumped into bed, I just had this little “Yes!” sort of moment.”

And Charlie didn’t have to wait long for results.


After waking up the next morning, Charlie was stoked to see over a thousand people had already completed the Single Segmentation Quiz…

Meaning, his leads were segmented into specific lists based on the BIGGEST challenge his subscriber is currently facing (rather than the typical generic email list).

And that number quickly grew to almost 6000 segmented leads in only a few more days.

Charlie was blown away, thinking. “Wow, this is working a whole lot better than I would have ever expected!”

FUTURE GROWTH - "In 6 to 12 months, I want to be doing $100k per month!"


Now, Charlie is focused on building out the sales sequence in his funnel and also using the insights gathered from his Deep Dive Survey to create his next product.

He feels he is just scratching the surface with the Ask Method and wants to continue to segment his audience in order to give them the best training possible.

And it’s only going to grow from there.

After hearing about a competitor generating $10 million dollars in profit, Charlie says “I want some of that! In six to 12 months, I want to be doing 100 grand a month.

When asked why he would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

Charlie’s answer is simple: I’ll never do business the same way again after what I’ve learned from it.”

“It’s the perfect way to get started and it’s the perfect way to get more money into your business.

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