ASK Success Story: Bruce Hoover


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Bruce signed up for the Masterclass to help his wife grow her fitness business serving women over 40 who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Bruce used the Ask Method to run a Deep Dive Survey, build a funnel, and start getting leads, engagement, and interaction, so that he would know exactly what products to create in the future.


Bruce was able to generate over 1,100 email subscribers by running Facebook ads, and generate $1,200 in revenue (making back his money spent on ads), by selling affiliate products.

THE PROBLEM - “We came close to launching...”

Bruce and his wife work together on her fitness business, which aims to help women over 40 who want to get fit, eat better, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Over the past few years they’ve been able to get about 53,000 fans, and they were looking to monetize them.

Bruce_CS gfx_071116_v2_launch

They were about to launch one of her own fitness products and then, unfortunately, Bruce’s wife had some health issues so it got pushed to the side.

They were ready to revisit the idea again and were looking for the best way to get started.

THE ACTION - “To me, it was a no-brainer”

Bruce recalls how he first heard about Ryan and the Ask Method:

“I remember getting an email from somebody named Ryan. I didn’t even know who this guy was.

I bought Ryan’s book, and then after going through the book when the situation came up for the Masterclass, I immediately jumped at it because I saw how valuable it would be to go through the program…to me, it was a no-brainer.”

What was most impressive about the Ask Method for Bruce is that, “Ryan does stuff in other industries.

He actually makes money using the method, not selling me a program which is how he makes his money, which I think is a distinction once you’ve been around this market for a while.

This is what he does in his business for other industries and he’s showing you the things that work.”

Bruce_CS gfx_071116_v2_industries

And while Bruce is no stranger to online marketing, having spent time and money on copywriting and traffic courses in the past, he says, “For me, the Masterclass was the capstone of what I’ve been doing for the last several years.”

THE TURNING POINT - "It just keeps you moving forward"

Bruce dove into the Ask Method Masterclass at full speed.

In fact, he says “I’m the kind of person who likes to learn stuff, so I had to really rein it in when it came to the Masterclass.”

And he thinks that the idea of using two-week sprints works well because: “You’ll do more for other people than you will yourself. When you know every day other people are expecting you to check in…

Once you get going, you don’t want to fall off of that. It just keeps you moving forward.”

Bruce_CS gfx_071116_sprints

Bruce also got a lot of help from the forum and the Ask Method Specialists: “You put something in that forum, you’re going to get responses in the next half an hour where you can actually take that information and act on it.

It’s like hey, change this, try this, test this. It’s actionable. You can say, ‘I know what to do now. I’m not stuck.’”

And the best part of the Implementation Workshop in the Masterclass was when he started getting data and opt-ins.

He shares that “when I started my funnel and I started getting data… I realized that there was one particular thing that was getting the most opt ins.

I immediately went back to my funnel, changed the copy around and made sure I emphasized that point.

I guess the a-ha moment is actually using the data in flight, in real time to actually make your marketing better.”

THE RESULTS - “I definitely made my money back”

During the Implementation Workshop, Bruce was able to get a funnel up and running, sending traffic to a landing page with a “Simple Segmentation Quiz” and then an affiliate offer.

In less than two weeks, he generated 1,100 leads, and what’s even better, made $1,200 in sales on those affiliate offers…which paid for his ad costs (and then some).

Bruce_CS gfx_071116_leads sales

And, like most Masterclass members, this initial success is only the beginning.

As Bruce says, “It’s not even my product. What that tells me is if I have my own product where I could do my follow up stuff and upsells and everything like that, BAM!”

FUTURE GROWTH - “These are the keys to the kingdom right now. Take them”

Bruce_CS - DrPepper

Now Bruce is excited to start building a full Quiz Funnel.

“I want to actually do a quiz. I think I could have had even better numbers if I had a quiz in place. The quiz really is a big deal because of all the psychology that’s behind the quiz.”

He’s also moving towards getting a product that he can white label to become his own.

The combination of those two elements (the product and the quiz) means that Bruce is well on his way to building at least a five-figure funnel.

As for Bruce’s final words to people thinking about using the Ask Method in their business?

“Look, whatever you’re doing right now, drop it. Seriously, drop it.

Get involved in this thing right here. It’s not a fad. It’s not a gimmick…

This is the key. No, seriously. These are the keys to the kingdom right now. Take them.”

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