ASK Success Story: Brian Kwong


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Brian’s site, provides accountability and motivation to people learning a new language. Brian’s goal was to increase conversions by honing his messaging.


With feedback from Ryan and the Ask Method Specialists, Brian analyzed his survey results and emphasized the pain points of each of his buckets by creating custom sales videos.


Brian generated $7,233+ in revenue in just FIVE days after launching his Single Question Segmentation funnel (and increased his sales conversion by 300%-500%!)

THE PROBLEM - “I was trying to figure it out for myself”

Brian had signed up for a lot of marketing programs in the past, but never really implemented any of them.

He spent 3 years trying to figure things out for himself.

He got the idea for his current business in 2013, which provides accountability and community for language learning, but it took him a lot of trial and error to get things rolling.


Eventually, he stopped buying courses that gathered dust and instead, he focused on implementing, and in 3 years built a steady following and a $60,000/year business.

Yet Brian still struggled with “having a strong message that people get that what I offer could solve their problem.”

Having both the skill to run a business and to be able market it, Brian says, is why he thinks many people fail: “because they give up before they have those two things syncing together.”

THE ACTION - “After the first video, I’m sold!”

Brian was getting traffic to his website mainly through his 150-odd videos on YouTube, as well as affiliates and word of mouth: “I’m not doing any cold traffic…I don’t even have a blog.”

But with some revenue coming in, he wanted to invest in learning a strategy that would allow him to scale his business.


He tried one or two programs that he never implemented…and then he found the Ask Method Masterclass video series through Navid Moazzez.

Brian says, “After the first video, I’m actually ready to buy. What got me about the Ask Method is that I don’t have to guess what people want anymore. I don’t have to come up with my own copy.”

And for him, the decision was easy: “I think it would just save me a lot of time and energy if I just pay the $2000. Let me just follow this method.”

THE TURNING POINT - “I’m open for it. I’m ready”

Brian signed up for the Masterclass and “went all in, in terms of implementing the course.”

While this isn’t the first $2000 course he’s bought, it’s the first that he’s actually implemented fully.

A big part of that, Brian says, is because of the Implementation Workshop: “Yeah, that’s when it’s easy, that you have a plan of exactly what to do.”


Brian challenged himself to create weekly videos to track his progress and stay accountable, and he says he “just followed one step at a time.”

Ryan used Brian’s site as a case study on one of the coaching calls and gave him a lot of great feedback, which Brian implemented right away.

“I went and did the work”

Throughout the whole process, Brian rolled up his sleeves and did the work:

He read through every word of his 250+ Deep Dive Survey responses.

This turned out to be KEY for figuring out his messaging problem…he quickly began to understand his audience AND his sales message a lot more clearly.

And once he had his buckets, Brian quickly created custom videos for each of them, using the language from his Deep Dive Survey to “speak into the camera and speak into their situation, letting them know that I got them.”


Before the Masterclass, Brian’s message was very broad and never addressed his audience’s problems directly.

Now he was able to narrow his message down by their specific problem, and it definitely showed in his sales results.

THE RESULTS - Over $7k in 5 Days

Brian launched his Single Question Segmentation funnel using the custom videos he created and went from converting less than 5% of his warm traffic, to getting over 15% conversions using the Ask Method.

That translates to $7,233+ in revenue in just FIVE days.


And not only are sales higher, the people who join the program are more engaged and motivated to get results.

And while Brian is blown away by those results, he knows that it’s just the beginning.

FUTURE GROWTH - “My next step is $10K/month”


Brian’s now working on coming up with a big idea for his quiz, and eventually launching it to paid cold traffic.

His short-term goal is to generate 100 consistent leads a day, which would translate to $10K a month in revenue.

Long term, the sky’s the limit, since language learning is such a huge market.

And with a step by step process, there’s “no more guessing what your customers are struggling with…I don’t have guess what people want anymore. I don’t have to come up with my own copy…this is amazing.”

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