ASK Success Story: Brett Cadiente


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Brett created a brand new site called Ultimate Hitter where he teaches baseball players to become better hitters. He was looking to start building his list and generating revenue for his new business.


Brett's road to success wasn't as smooth as he originally planned. After months of struggling to gain traction, he finally broke through his marketing barriers with the help of the Masterclass training and the Ask Method Specialists.


Brett generated over 1000 segmented leads and over $500 in front end pre-sales (it was the first time he's generated ANY results online for this business).

THE PROBLEM - "I was out there failing, spending a crap load of money..."

Brett has been a student of online marketing for quite a few months.

Even though he’s purchased courses and memberships from some of the biggest training companies around…

He still had trouble figuring out what really works…how can I get answers to my questions, which is a rather difficult one, and then how do I put it all together?

It was frustrating because even though he was drafted by a major league team, Brett had so many hitting secrets to share about baseball…

And no one to share them with.


No matter what offers he created for his company, no one was buying.

He says, I’m trying to put this into perspective for people. It’s not like I was out there having success.”

“I was out there failing, spending a crap load of money.

THE ACTION - "I was going to get a higher level of help and support.”

Brett picked up a copy of Ryan Levesque’s book “Ask” and immediately noticed the sports examples outlining the success Ryan has had in the golf and tennis niches.

Shortly after finishing the book, Brett joined Ryan’s Next Level Mastermind and enrolled in a Ryan’s first group training program called “Survey Funnel Formula”.

And while those products helped to give Brett a better grip on marketing concepts and funnel creation…

It wasn’t until he noticed the ads for the Ask Method Masterclass that he knew he found the answers he’s been looking for to emulate the examples he saw in Ryan’s book.

At that moment, Brett told himself, “I’m going to listen to this guy. I’m going to do everything he says.”

Brett was hungry for the “How To.”

“Everything involved with that, like what works, how do I do it, how do I put this thing all together?


And Brett didn’t waste any time signing up for the Masterclass…

Especially when he heard about the interactive community, the support, and feedback he was about to receive from Specialists.

Brett knew he was “going to get a higher level of help and support. Getting answers to my questions in great detail is huge for me.”

“It was a no brainer.”

THE TURNING POINT - "I just tried to model them as best I could and I had a lot of success from it.”

Once the Masterclass officially started, Brett jumped right in, deploying his first Deep Dive Survey to collect data on his audience.

And even though Brett had the best intentions…

He admits, I tend to make things real difficult. I personally admit I have my own challenges with starting and stopping and getting in my own way.”

But even despite these obstacles, Brett was committed to getting results and he realized that the structure of the Masterclass would help him achieve that.

“It’s all laid out there. You just kind of start and you just follow it and when you run into something, you post something on the forum, you get an answer to it, and just move forward

This support system finally helped Brett remove most of the obstacles he was creating for himself.

However, like most students, Brett reflects on his tendency to want to do his own thing and that was causing more problems for him than anything.

He says,I take a look at something and it’s like I have to do it my way instead of following your way…”

“So it’s kind of like I have to hop over the fence and then fail at it and then hop back over and then do it the way I’m supposed to do it.”

That’s how Brett started to gain the focus he needed to follow the instructions, analyze his survey data, and build out his Single Question Segmentation Quiz.


Brett says the real turning point for him was when he started to model the ads and landing page examples that were provided in the Masterclass.

I just tried to model them as best I could and I had a lot of success from it. I had more clicks and more people interested in what I was offering.

In addition to that, even though he was more comfortable advertising on Google, he starting getting the results he was looking for once he started advertising on Facebook…

Google had the tire kickers and Facebook had the people who were really interested in my offer.”

And when it came to getting continuous support and feedback on various aspects of his Quiz Funnel…

Brett compares the Masterclass to his experience in other courses/forums, “It’s totally different over here because you have Specialists dedicated to responding to those questions”

“I know in the Masterclass forum I’m going to post something and I’m going to get a bunch of comments from specific instructors and what not, whereas with other programs, I might throw something out there and it’s like who knows who’s going to comment on it…if I even get a comment!”

THE RESULTS - 1,079 segmented leads, $500 in sales and counting...

Brett took one Specialist’s advice to pre-sell 1 or 2 products after his visitors complete his Quiz.

That would help Brett recoup some of his ad spend.

“I had a couple of videos out there and everything was in my head in terms of what I wanted to give people but I hadn’t actually put those products together, so I pre-sold some products.”

Brett  wanted to put at least two products out there just to give his visitors a couple of different options because he thought it would help drive more sales.

“I sold a hitting manual for $19.95 and then the upsell to that was to basically get the same thing with all the bonuses and get it in a video format and I sold that for 49.95.”

Not only did Brett collect over 1,000 leads, but he also made 12 total sales so far…his first sales for this business!

“All directly through just the landing page. You can kind of see if I had the email component how much better it would have done.”


“I made 12 total sales. Three of those people bought the manual at $19.95 and everybody else bought the videos for $49.95.”

And it’s no surprise Brett’s visitors responded better to this offer than any other he’s created in the past.

His Single Question Segmentation Quiz automatically customized the messaging based on the option they selected, giving his visitors a much more personalized sales experience.

Brett says, “It did so well and it surprised me so much, now I’m looking at the numbers, I’m going, ‘Hey wait a second. I have a budget on Facebook and I’m getting like almost 200 downloads a day and I’m having so much success…'”

“Now I’m racing to try and get the email campaign set up and get my conversions set up so that I can start split testing my sales page so I can improve that!”

And after struggling to generate ANY results for this business, Brett says, It’s totally awesome. It’s been so exciting!

FUTURE GROWTH - "I think it's a whole lot bigger than I could have ever thought!"


Now, Brett is 100% focused on building out his products and optimizing his funnel.

He says. I haven’t optimized like one thing with my ads. I’ve got one ad set that generated 80 percent of those opt-ins at point twenty-four cents.”

He feels this is just the beginning for him and with the results he’s already achieved using the Ask Method, he’s confident he can do an easy $30,000 a month profit.”

After seeing what happened with this launch in just seven days, I think it’s a whole lot bigger than I could have ever thought…and it’s only going to grow from there!”

When asked why he would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass…

Brett’s answer is simple: It’s all here, you’re going to get feedback, you’re going to get answers to your questions, and you’re going to get referred back to the training and resources.”

“They also have these little gold mines like all over the place. I think it’s really cool if you just spend a little bit of time and kind of digging around, you can find some pretty awesome stuff!”

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