ASK Success Story: Ann Dalum


ASK Success Story Snapshot


Ann is a successful couples therapist looking to expand her business by creating an online course for couples in need.


Ann signed up for the Ask Method Masterclass to gain insights about her audience and generate leads before developing her first online course.


Ann generated over 500 segmented leads in the small Danish couples market, with over 50% opt-in conversion rate from her landing page.

THE PROBLEM - "All of this is really confusing..."

Ann runs a successful one-on-one couples therapy business in Denmark.

Unfortunately, most of the couples who come to see her are already on the verge of a breakdown.

Ann noticed that, because of the cost of therapy, “a lot of people don’t go until they’re really in trouble.”

She wanted to create a resource that couples could turn to earlier, before their families start to fall apart.

Ann felt that an online course could fill that need.

However, her lack of tech skills was a huge roadblock in reaching potential customers.

So she began to search for a solution.


“I tried outsourcing to agents who promised results, but they just ripped me off. I didn’t get any good leads.”

Ann was desperate to find a way to get her online course up and running.

THE ACTION - "I didn’t have to figure it out for myself..."

When Ann joined the Ask Method Masterclass, she was excited:

“I was convinced that I would be taken by the hand step-by-step, and that’s what I really needed, so I wouldn’t have to figure it out by myself.”

And she wasn’t disappointed.

The supportive community, huge amount of resources, and especially the two-week Sprint Action Plans helped her push through.


As she says, “I kept going back to the sprint plan and taking it step by step. That’s absolutely what saved me.”

THE TURNING POINT - "Just making it for me is a big win!"

At first, Ann found the technical aspects challenging, “But I think the more I just went and tried to figure out how it worked, of course, the more familiar it got.”

Even though Ann was less confident about her technical skills going into it and was nervous that she wasn’t contributing enough to the community discussions…

She stuck with it, launched her funnel, and now her efforts are starting to pay off.


And she gained a whole new way of thinking about her business.

She says, “The idea of getting paid traffic like this never really occurred to me.”

For Ann, it means the chance to build passive income, expand her business, share her wisdom, and reach more people.

THE RESULTS - Over 50% Opt-In Conversion Rate

Once Ann got her funnel up and running, she couldn’t believe how well her landing page was converting at an opt-in rate of over 50%.

And on top of that, her cost per lead dropped from $3-4 to a little over a dollar, which is “less than half the price I paid per lead when I used someone specialized in Facebook to set my ads up!”


And that doesn’t even include the money she used to spend on agencies who couldn’t deliver results!

Ann is happy with her success so far, but she also sees greater opportunities to keep growing.

FUTURE GROWTH - "A very effective sales channel...”


Ann is in the process of building and launching her first course, and her existing Ask Method funnel is “a very effective sales channel” for that course.

In six months from now, Ann’s goal is to be generating five figures a month in revenue from her $150 course in addition to the income from her therapy practice.

And when asked why she would recommend the Ask Method Masterclass, Ann’s answer was short and sweet: “You’ll get the job done.”

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